The Sims 4 Civil Designer Career Guide

Two years back, the Sims 4 launched an Eco lifestyle expansion pack emphasizing green and eco-friendly neighborhoods. This expansion allowed the players to choose a Civil Designer Career in The Sims 4 with a motto of designing environment-friendly gadgets and building houses.

This guide will fulfill your aspiration of being a Civil Designer in Sims 4 by discussing the best skills, career levels, mods, and cheats you can use while playing this career.

How To Become a Civil Designer in The Sims 4?

To become a civil designer, the player must work through the Eco Innovator Aspiration, which focuses on building a cleaner and greener community. Just like any other career opportunity in Sims 4, it is possible to level up as a Civil Designer by performing certain tasks:

Friendly Neighborhood Interactions

By making friends and keeping a pleasant relationship with others, a player can earn influence points, leading to promotion.

Selling Water and Power to Utility Companies

This requires the player to produce additional power and water, which then can be sold. Additional power production requires solar panels and turbines, whereas a dew collector is required to increase your water reserves.

Vote on Neighborhood Action Plans

To vote, the Sim needs to go up to the community board in Evergreen Harbor. However, if the player lives in a different world, the voting can be done by selecting the action plan through the mailbox.

Convince Others to Vote on the Plan

By keeping a healthy and trustful relationship with other community members, the player will convince them to support the neighborhood action plan of his/her choice.

Best Traits and Skills for Civil Designers

Green Fiend

Green fiend sims are more motivated to make their environment eco-friendly because they love to live in a green neighborhood. Apart from their “GO GREEN” motto, these Sims also get a 4-hour-long inspiration buff while doing these activities.

Green fiend also covers the Eco Master trait. Eco Master sims inspire other players to be Eco-Conscious as well.


These fiends love to make things. A civil designer requires a player to innovate, design, and fabricate green furniture and gadgets, making this an essential skill. Master Crafter, a similar trait in this regard, is also very useful.


Outgoing Sims are extroverts, and they love to make friends. Socializing and meeting other Sims are essential to succeed as a civil designer. You need friendly neighborhood interactions to gain level up points and convince others to vote on various action plans.

University Degree

“Keep Calm and Study” well, yes, this applies to Sim 4 as well. Explore the Discovery University and take courses that will put you on a civil designer career track. A few of the recommended courses are Physics and Communication. A university degree will lead to more bonuses, money, and perks for your career.

Civil Designer Career Levels and Job Ranks

There are three levels in the Civil designer career to start with. The player interviews homeowners regarding utilities daily and can ask adult Sims any question as well. Being more educated can help you land higher level jobs which is why it is important to know how to get a degree in Sims 4.

Working hard leads to maximum boast in logic abilities and dexterity of the player. This career has two branches: Civic Planner Branch and Green Technician.

Level Job  Salary
1 Junior Draftsperson §248 daily
2 Architectural Apprentice §378 daily
3 Construction Technician §57 daily

Civic Planner Career Levels and Job Ranks

The player is required to gain influence points to excel in this branch. Influence points are gained through making friends, indulging in pleasant neighbor interactions, throwing parties, and voting on neighborhood action plans.

To reach level 10, the player needs to maximize logic which requires working hard from the initial levels.

Level Job  Salary
4 Utilities Assistant §612 daily
5 Urban Surveyor §684 daily
6 Policy Planner §896 daily
7 Civic Archivist §1160 daily
8 Neighborhood Improvement Officer §1512 daily
9 Municipal Engineer §2520 daily
10 City Master Planner §3150 daily

Green Technician Career Levels and Job Ranks

As a Green Technician, the player will manufacture an eco-friendly upgrade part daily using recycled material. Logic and Fabrication skills are essential for this type of work.

When the players get promoted, they also get a Store No More Home Fabricator to develop new fabrication skills and access amazing crafting recipes.

Level Job  Salary
4 Installation Intern §585 daily
5 Design Guru §630 daily
6 Machine Modifier §760 daily
7 Eco-Tech Scientist §808 daily
8 Device Savant §1043 daily
9 Expert Fabricator §1194 daily
10 Master Inventor §1422 daily

Civil Designer Cheats

The following cheats are quite useful when playing the Civil Designer Career:

  • Civil Designer Promotion Cheat: promote careers_Adult_CivilDesigner
  • Get 500 bits or 500 Pieces: Shift + Click on Sim, choose ‘Give Bucks’, and then select ‘Bits’ or ‘Pieces.’

The testingcheats console command needs to be turned on to use the cheats. You can turn this console command by pressing the CTRL + SHIFT + C keys on windows, COMMAND + SHIFT + C keys on Mac, and All Trigger Buttons on the consoles.

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