The Quarry Paths: How To Unlock Every Story Path

Being an interactive storytelling title, The Quarry doesn't just follow a linear story path. Instead, players get choices at multiple...

Being an interactive storytelling title, The Quarry doesn’t just follow a linear story path. Instead, players get choices at multiple points in the game that shape how things will play out. These choices create branches or “Paths” in The Quarry’s story and in this guide, we will help you unlock all of these Paths in The Quarry.

The Quarry Paths

Paths in The Quarry gives you choices on what to choose for the progression of the game. There are different paths that lead to different outcomes and endings for The Quarry. Depending on your choices, you get to choose who lives and who dies, and what to do in the game.

There are a total of 15 paths that you can take in the game. These paths get to decide the outcome of your story.

Below we have explained each of the Paths you can take in The Quarry and how to unlock them while avoiding spoilers as much as possible.

Laura and Max Path

In Hacket’s Quarry, you will face multiple threats, where you get to play as Max and Laura. You get a choice to save Max or just run away at the end of the prologue. Depending on your choice this will mark the first path that you choose in the game.

Above the Law Path

Depending on your choice before, this will be your second path selection in the game. Laura will be stopped by a cop. You could either choose to be honest with the cop or just lie.

Fool’s Errand Path

This path can be selected while playing as Jacob in Chapter 1. He wants everyone to spend more time in the camp by any means necessary. This will give you choices to sabotage the van. You can either choose to break the fuel line or steal the rotor arm to make it impossible to start.

Down the Rabbit Hole

This is yet another path choice in chapter 1 when you play as Abigail. Your and Emma’s bags got locked inside of the cabin. You can either try breaking down the door or just leave the bags.

Playing with Fire Path

When Emma and Jacob are in the camp store in chapter 2. You open the safe and get a choice to either pick up the firework or just leave it in there.

Watch Your Step Path

When you are playing as Dylan inside Hackett’s Office in Chapter 2, you get a choice to examine a trap door behind the desk. You can either climb down from the trap door or just leave it alone. Ignoring the trap door will not show you the path.

Pieces of Silver Path

Nick is attacked by the unknown in the woods in chapter 3. You play as Abigail and you get paths whether to save him or just run away.

Finders Keepers Path

There are multiple ways to trigger this path. When you play as Ryan in chapter 3, you get to decide which route you can take to save Nick. There 2 routes to reach Nick, but they both got some events in there. Depending on how much time you take in those routes will also tell you in what condition you will Nick in.

Distraction Path

When you get to play as Jacob in chapter 4, you will be caught in the snare trap. When the hunter tries to free you from the trap. You get a choice whether to just sit still there or throw dirt on the hunter’s face to run.

Helping Hand Path

In chapter 5, Dylan will get bit and beg Ryan to help him out. Ryan agrees to it, and you will get a choice to whether shoot his hand off with a gun or just use the chainsaw to cut his hand.

The White Whale Path

There are multiple ways to get this path. In Chapter 7, when you play as Laura, you end up being locked in a cell. There will be a guard.

You get choices to whether knock out the guard with a needle or just take his gun. If you knock him out with your needle, you’ll take his gun and decide whether to shoot him or not.

You can also fight for his gun and then get a choice whether to shoot him or leave him be.

Teambuilding Path

When you get to play as Kaitlyn in chapter 8, you go to the scrapyard for a replacement part for the van which was sabotaged by Jacob before. You get a choice of whether to encourage Dylan or not during the conversation.

Love’s Labour Lost Path

Jacob gets locked up in a cell below Hackett’s house in chapter 8, You get the choice whether to free him or not.

If you decide to free him, then you will need to enter the correct breaker sequence. Press switch one and two and then press switch two and three. Failing the sequence will lead to Jacob being locked up forever.

A Pound of Flesh Path

In Chapter 9, Ryan ends up bleeding out. You play as Laura and you get to decide whether to save him or not by biting him. This will be the final choice in the game.

Keepsakes Path

When you play as Jacob in Chapter 1, you can pick up Emma’s Silver bracelet between the van and the gate. Ignoring it won’t trigger the path.

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