The Quarry Endings: How To Get Every Ending

In The Quarry, there are seven playable characters, and each of them has to fight through a curse and make...

In The Quarry, there are seven playable characters, and each of them has to fight through a curse and make tough decisions to work together in order to survive. Each decision is specific and will lead to a different outcome in the end.

As for the game’s ending, there are a total of 186 different endings that can be played out depending on the decisions that you make. Since there is no specific “true” ending that the game developers intended, there are a few major endings in which some players might consider one as the “true” ending or the “best” or the “worst” ending.

In this guide, we’ll be going over all of the major endings to The Quarry, in which we’ll also cover the Best, Worst, True and Secret endings as the game’s community sees them, since they are entirely subjective and depend on how the players want to end the game.

The Quarry All Endings

Laura and Travis Work Together – White Wolf Endings

This isn’t really an ending, but the mutual partnership between Laura and Travis to hunt down Silas will bring forth a few of the “good” endings as listed below.

In chapters 3, 7, and 9, you have to choose all the correct options to better build the relationship between Laura and Travis.

Travis has all the vital information about Silas’s backstory – that he wasn’t the first member of his family to be bitten. The information that Travis shares with Laura, if he trusts her, that is, is important to bringing down Silas and lifting the curse, thereby playing out one of the “good” endings.

Laura Kills Silas – Curse Lifted

This is one of the good endings that play out in Chapter 10. In this ending, Laura succeeds in killing Silas and successfully adverting the crash, and both Travis and Ryan survive. Caleb will also turn back to his human form if he is still trapped in the freezer, but he’ll succumb to the low temperatures before he’s found.

There are a certain number of things you need to do in order to play out this ending, which are as follows:

  • You’ll need to successfully complete all of the QTEs (Quick Time Event)s while Silas is attacking the car. This will successfully advert the car crash. You then have to choose the option to “Take The Wheel”.
  • This option is an important one as it’ll play out a different ending with each different decision you make. When you enter the woods Ryan will give Laura the option to take a werewolf Blood vial to mask her scent, as it’s only enough for one person. This is where you have to choose the option whether to take the blood vial from him or not, you can choose whichever option you want as it will only affect the outcome in some cases, but not this one.
  • Next up, you have the option to have Laura take the gun and shoot Silas as you enter the Freakshow.

Playing out all of these events correctly would result in this ending and lifting the curse.

Laura Refuses to Kill Silas – Curse Remains

In this ending, anyone from Laura or Ryan, or neither character would survive, depending on who takes the werewolf blood vial. Caleb will return to his human form but will still survive the freezing temperatures because of his werewolf powers.

This also takes place in chapter 10, with events similar to the one in the previous ending, just with a little bit of a difference. Here, you again have to complete all the QTEs to avoid the car from crashing.

After that, any character, by your own choice, that takes the blood vial would survive in the forthcoming conditions.

After you enter the Freakshow and Laura refuses to kill Silas, Travis will get triggered and try to take the gun from her. If you complete all the QTEs that follow successfully, Laura would knock Travis to the ground. She’ll then have the option to choose to kill Travis. If she kills Travis, Silas will attack them and kill both Ryan and Laura, or any one of them who did not take the vial.

Laura Kills Travis and Silas Both – Curse Lifted

In this ending, also at the end of Chapter 10, Laura kills Travis and Silas both, still lifting the curse. This ending is unlocked in a similar way to the previous one. Here, Caleb will again turn to his human form and succumb to the low temperatures before being found.

You still have to complete the QTEs and opt to take the wheel when Silas is attacking your car.

You again will have the option to take the werewolf blood vial, but it’s completely up to you whether you want to take it or not.

This time though, when Laura refuses to aim the gun at Silas, Travis will get triggered and try to take the gun from Laura, but if you fail the QTE, it will result in Laura shooting Travis and killing him. You’ll then have the option of shooting Silas, saving both Laura and Silas.

Everyone Dies in The Crash – Curse Lifted

In this ending, everyone dies in the car crash, including Laura, Travis, and Silas. To play out this ending, you’ll have to complete the following steps:

  • During Silas’s attack on the car, fail the QTE and let Laura hit her head on the window.
  • After that when Laura regains consciousness, you need to grab the gun and then again fail the QTE where Silas is slashing at Travis’s head. This will cause Travis to die and the car to crash.
  • After the car crashes and Laura crawls out of the car, you need to grab the nearby shotgun and successfully complete the following QTEs in order to kill Silas and end the curse.

Laura will still die due to her injuries later on though.

All of the endings stated above were part of the White Wolf endings, where the endings revolved around Silas. We’ll now look at some of the other endings that don’t involve Silas that much.

Every Member of the Hacketts Dies – Curse Remains

The decisions that you make in Chapter 9 of the game heavily impact this ending. You have to follow the advice of the fortune teller, Elisa, to save Silas in order for this ending to play out.

In this ending, you’ll have to kill all of the members of the Hacketts family. This will cause all of the werewolves to die, and some of your characters would survive. Ryan would die due to blood loss, and later on, Laura and Travis would fight for the gun, whoever succeeds to take the gun gets to live.

Below are all the major decisions in Chapter 9 that you have to make in order to carry out this ending:

  • Win the QTE while Laura is fighting with Constance over a shotgun, it will result in Laura taking the shotgun and shooting Constance in the face
  • Prevent Ryan from removing the knife from his body, he can then later use it to stab Bobby and weaken him once they both face off. The weakened Bobby would eventually die later on in the game
  • Let Laura or Chris execute Jed
  • Prevent Ryan from getting bitten to heal from his injury. If he does not get bitten, he’ll die eventually but this won’t let the game play out the Silas ending.
  • Let Ryan shoot Chris after falling through the floor with him. This will finish off Chris, another member of the Hacketts family.
  • By now, Ryan would be dead and Travis and Laura would fight over the shotgun dropped by him. Win the QTE that follows to let Laura win the gun and finish off Travis.

After you carry out all of these events successfully, there would be one more thing left to do to finish off Caleb. Laura would leave for the island to search for Max and interact with Elisa, where she will thank her for killing off the Hacketts.

To finish off the final member, you’ll have to use the silver shells that Abi finds in Chapter 10. You can finish off Caleb with these shells during the Kaitlyn Werewolf showdown in chapter 10.

Should’ve Gone to the Motel: Laura Reunites with Max – Curse Remains

This ending involves an achievement – “Should’ve Gone to the Motel”, carried out in Chapter 9.

In this ending, Laura escapes from the house and reunites with Max at the docks, but you’ll have to sacrifice Ryan and shoot Travis in order to escape. The order of events that need to play out for this ending to occur is exactly similar to the previous one.

You need to follow all of the steps in the “Every Member of the Hacketts dies” in the order provided above and also win the QTE against Travis.

After successfully carrying out the sequence, Laura will escape the house and takes one of Constance’s dresses from the clothesline outside. She’ll then head over to the docks and a cutscene will appear where she will reunite with max.

They will also be cured of their infections since Ryan would have sacrificed himself to kill Chris. At this point, the story of Laura and Max would be concluded and you’ll earn the achievement.

Laura Is Caught by Travis – Curse Remains

In the same sequence of events as the one above, if Laura fails the final QTE in the fight against Travis for the shotgun, she will get captured by him. Travis will still remain free and the curse would not be broken.

Travis and Laura Kill Each Other – Curse Remains

There is another type of ending that can occur if you play out the events above in the “Every Member of the Hacketts Dies” a little bit differently.

To carry out this ending, the steps where Ryan doesn’t remove the knife from his body and later uses it to stab Bobby will remain the same. But after that, when Ryan falls through the floor with Chris and does NOT shoot Chris, then this ending will occur.

In this ending, since Ryan fails to kill Chris, Laura will still remain infected and a werewolf. A battle will break out between the infected Laura and Travis, where Laura will badly injure Travis.

When Travis is about to die, he’ll use the last of his strength to stab Laura with a shard of the broken mirror, killing her.

In the end, Laura and Travis will both die, and none of them will survive, with the curse still remaining.

Best Ending

Most players consider the best ending in The Quarry to be where all of the characters survive and lift the curse by killing Silas. In order for this ending to occur, there are a series of steps that you have to follow correctly.

First off, you have to avoid the car crash when Silas is attacking it by completing successive QTEs. You then need to choose the option to “Take the Wheel”.

Once you successfully avoid the car crash, you’ll be informed by Ryan before entering the forest that there is only one vial of Werewolf blood left to cover their scent. You have the option to take this vial or refuse it. You can choose anyone you like honestly, but it’s better to let Laura take the vial.

Next up, as you enter the Freakshow where Silas is hiding, you’ll have the option as Laura to aim the gun at Silas and Shoot him.

Playing out all of these events successfully will ensure that all of the characters survive, the curse is lifted and Silas is dead. This ending is considered the best ending by the majority of players.

Worst Ending

The worst ending, again, subjectively as it’s elected by the majority of the players, is the one where none of the characters remain alive and the curse still remains. This ending is basically the gradual collective of all the wrong and unfriendly decisions that you make across the Chapters in The Quarry.

For some specific instances, in Chapter 4, if you let Jacob and Emma kill, then Nick will eventually turn into a werewolf in Chapter 6. He will then in turn kill Abigail in Chapter 7 if you choose not to take the syringe, which is the more “unwise” option.

In the end, Laura will get into a fight with Travis, and if you fail the QTE that follows, Travis will proceed to kill Laura. At which point, the only character to survive would be Max.

Again, with an unwise decision, if you choose to let Max swim across to the shore, a sea – monster will pop up and kill Max too, resulting in all of the characters dying and the curse still remaining.

The Quarry Secret Ending

Considering that The Quarry has 186 different endings in total, many players have been whispering about the possibility of unlocking a secret ending.

There is actually no secret ending in The Quarry, something which developer Supermassive Games has confirmed. There was never any intention to have a secret ending in the game.

True Ending

Again, since the endings are purely subjective and totally depend on the player’s choices, there is no true ending to The Quarry, since the game developers didn’t even intend it.

The only logical true ending, if we at it with a perspective from most other games, would be the best ending.

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