How To Solve The Breaker Puzzle In The Quarry

This guide will help you make the right choices and find the solution for the fuse box breaker puzzle to save Jacob from Cage in The Quarry.

The Quarry is a game where the fate of the characters depends on your choices, one wrong decision could put one or more of your favorites at risk of death and the Breaker Puzzle presents one such situation.

It takes place in the game’s eighth chapter and depending on how you proceed with the decision, it can have dire consequences moving forward. In this guide, we’ll discuss how you can solve the Circuit Breaker Puzzle in the Quarry along with the consequences of your choices during this portion of the game.

Circuit Breaker Puzzle Solution

When you reach Chapter 8, you’ll come across a situation where Jacob will be locked up in an electric cage in the cellar, and you can choose to either save him or abandon him, going with the former means you’ll have to solve the circuit breaker puzzle.

To reach this part of the story, you’ll need to make certain decisions in the past that will lead up to this situation, these include:

  • In chapter 8, don’t let Ryan open the gate during the interruption event.
  • Again, in chapter 8, when Laura is walking towards the cage where werewolf nick is being held, use the interruption event to stop her.
  • When you are about to solve the puzzle problem, you will have the choice to either abandon him to help him. You will have to choose to help him to proceed.

How To Save Jacob From The Cage

Now that you have decided to save Jacob, your character will move toward a breaker puzzle box, and upon opening it, you will see 4 different circuit breakers in front of you.

To free Jacob, you must activate these circuit breakers in a certain order given below.

  • Circuit Breaker 1, then Circuit Breaker 2
  • Circuit Breaker 2, then Circuit Breaker 3

Following this order will open the required doors, solve the fuse box breaker puzzle, and allow you to save Jacob from the cage.

What happens if you don’t save Jacob?

The decision to abandon Jacob comes up two times during this chapter. First when you initially walk into this section and secondly if you fail to solve the puzzle correctly. The latter can be accidental though you can choose to fail the puzzle if you choose to.

He’ll die in both situations. If you refuse to save him when you first walk in, his holding cell loses power later down the story which results in him getting attacked by a Werewolf. If you fail the puzzle, you’ll accidentally let a werewolf into his cell which will kill him too.  

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