How To Solve The Breaker Puzzle In The Quarry

The Quarry is a game where your future depends on your choices, and one wrong choice could put one of your friends or you to sleep for good. This guide will help you find the solution for the fuse box breaker puzzle to save Jacob from the cage in The Quarry.

Circuit Breaker Puzzle Solution

When you reach Chapter 8, you will come across a situation Jacob will be locked up inside a cellar, and you will need to save him. You can choose to abandon him, but if you decide to free him up, you will have to solve a breaker puzzle.

To reach this part of the storyline where Jacob is locked, and you have to free him, you will need to make certain decisions in the past that will lead up to this situation, and they are as follows.

  • In chapter 8, don’t let Ryan open the gate during the interruption event.
  • Again, in chapter 8, when Laura is walking towards the cage where werewolf nick is being held, use the interruption event to stop her.
  • When you are about to solve the puzzle problem, you will have the choice to either abandon him to help him. You will have to choose to help him to proceed.

How To Save Jacob From The Cage

Now that you have decided to save Jacob, your character will move toward a breaker puzzle box, and upon opening it, you will see 4 different circuit breakers in front of you.

To free Jacob, you must activate these circuit breakers in a certain order given below.

  • Circuit Breaker 1, then Circuit Breaker 2
  • Circuit Breaker 2, then Circuit Breaker 3

Following this order will open the required doors, solve the fuse box breaker puzzle, and allow you to save Jacob from the cage.

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