The Quarry Clues Locations Guide

The Quarry has a lot of clues that you can find to shed more light on the horrific events of the past. They provide additional information about the Freakshow Fire as well as the history of the Summer Camp and the Hackett family.

Clues are yet another kind of collectible in the game but do not necessarily influence the endings as the other collectibles such as the pieces of evidence and tarot cards that litter Hackett’s Quarry.

The following guide will help you find all of the clues in The Quarry.

All Clue Locations In The Quarry

There are a total of 40 clues that you can find in The Quarry. They are scattered across all 10 chapters of the game.

Some of them will be fairly easy to find because the story-driven narrative will literally guide you to them. However, you will have to do a bit of sleuthing to discover the rest of the clues which will be carefully hidden from plain sight.

Below are the locations of all 40 clues in The Quarry.

Prologue Clue Locations

Harum Scarum Poster Clue Location
From Max’s car repair area, Laura should jump down the lower path to find the “Harum Scarum Poster Clue”. There is a poster on a tree as you walk up the path. Grab the clue from there.

Escapology Trunk Clue Location
There is a small fork in the path almost immediately after the last clue. One leads to a dead-end, while another leads onward. To find the “Escapology Trunk Clue”, climb up the path and open the trunk.

Broken Cage Clue Location
A fork in the road awaits you shortly after the last clue. After that, you’ll find a little nook in the trees to the right. Find the “Broken Cage Clue” on this path to the right.

Bloodied Collar Clue Location
There is a storm shelter beneath Hackett’s Quarry when Max and Laura go there in the prologue. Walk straight to the center of the room to find the “Bloodied Collar Clue” after you open the two doors to go inside.

Chapter 1 Clue Locations

Hunting Notice Clue Location
Head outside the lodge after speaking with Kaitlyn at the beginning of the chapter. Start walking towards the parked cars to discover the “Hunting Notice Clue” right outside the gate.

Camp Plaque Clue Location
Head to the main door of the camp lodge. You will notice a plague on the left of the door. Interact with the object for the “Camp Plaque Clue”.

Newspaper Headline Scrap Clue
Head into the cabin with Emma to find your baggage as Abigail. Step inside, and search the bunks on the left corner of the cabin. The “Newspaper Headline Scrap Clue” will be between two of those bunks.

Camp Song Recording Clue
The “Camp Song Recording Clue” can be located outside the cabin. Just make your way to Room 008 but don’t enter. The clue will be on the steps of the door.

Information Signpost Clue
The last clue in Chapter 1 is located on the far side of the tree in the middle of the cottages. Search for a signpost telling the distance between a number of cities. This is your “Information Signpost Clue”.

Chapter 2 Clue Locations

Damaged Memorabilia Clue Location
You’ll find the “Damaged Memorabilia Clue” on the shelves at the back of the camp shop room.

Lodge Renovation Plans Clue Location
Head for the camp storage area. You will notice a rack on the right-side wall. Go and interact with the drawings on the shelf to obtain the “Lodge Renovation Plans Clue”.

Family Photo Clue Locations
When you take control of Dylan in Chris’ office, interact with the front of his desk to find the “Family Photo Clue”.

Counsellor’s Ledger Clue Location
Dylan will search Chris’ drawers for the ledger for the “Counsellor’s Ledger Clue” after coming back up from the trapdoor. Max and Laura, who never showed up, are mentioned in this clue.

Trail Camera Clue Location
This clue is only possible if you pick the Shady Glade option with Abigail as Nick. Make your way to the right edge of the woods to find the “Trail Camera Clue”.

Ranger Box Clue Location
Follow the last clue at the backside of the first area. There is a box here that contains the “Ranger Box Clue”.

Chapter 3 Clue Locations

North Kill Gazette Clue Location
A newspaper can be found on a table on the bottom floor of the boathouse as Jacob. The “North Kill Gazette Clue” is in the center of the building.

No Swimming Sign Clue Location
The “No Swimming Sign Clue” can be located on the bottom floor, opposite the clue mentioned above.

Old Camp Photo Clue Location
The “Old Camp Photo Clue” can be located in the boathouse. It’s on the lower level, on a pole on the boathouse’s far side.

Chapter 4 Clue Locations

Box of Matches Clue Location
The “Box of Matches Clue” can be found on the island when you’re controlling Emma. If you pursue the lower path, you’ll eventually come upon a ladder that leads higher. A fire is lit to the left, and the matches will be nearby.

Police Car Keys Clue Location
Head back to the stairs from the above-mentioned clue. Return to the staircase and climb it using the hint stated before. The cabin is at the summit. You just have to interact with the window on the left before entering to obtain the “Police Car Keys Clue”.

Chapter 5 Clue Locations

Triggered Bear Trap Clue Locations
When Ryan and Dylan are heading to the radio tower in Chapter 5, walk to the left of the huge building with the pool from whence you access the cabin part of the area. A gate can be found here. Next to it lies the “Triggered Bear Trap Clue”.

Letter To Camp Nurse Clue Location
When you arrive at the cabins, search for the “Letter To Camp Nurse Clue” on the ground between rooms 3 and 4.

Chapter 6 Clue Locations

Campers Photo Clue Location
When you enter the pool house as Abigail, go to the locker room towards the back of the room. A pinboard is next to them. Interacting with it will get you the “Campers Photo Clue”.

Spooky Drawing Clue Location
A locker can be found at the far end of the pool house. Interact with it to reveal a drawing within. The “Spooky Drawing Clue” will become clear when you examine the drawing. This clue is easy to overlook since there is a concealed timer, so make sure to collect it.

Kid’s Letter Home Clue Location
You will be back in the Firepit when you control Emma. Head for the tents where a kid will give you a message. Read it to get the “Kid’s Letter Home Clue”.

Chapter 7 Clue Locations

Scrawled Limerick Clue Location
The “Scrawled Limerick Clue” will be found when you are in the jail cell as Emma, and Max has been taken for interrogation. It’s written on the wall of her cell.

Charred Sheriff’s Badge Clue Location
You will be allowed to freely move about the police station later in the chapter. Walk up the stairs to an office accessible via the second set of doors. The “Charred Sheriff’s Badge Clue” can be found on a box against the wall on the right.

Bizzare Yet Bonafide Podcast Clue Location
After that, go downstairs and interact with the computer in the station’s far corner office. If you don’t have Travis’ password, go to the third floor’s third room. Look behind you and at the calendar as you walk in to see Travis’ birthday.

Next, on your way back, enter the chamber immediately adjacent to the top of the stairs and engage with the birthday card to learn Travis’ age. This allows you to obtain the computer’s password as well as listen to the podcast, which will be the “Bizzare Yet Bonafide Podcast Clue”.

Chapter 8 Clue Locations

Miner’s Lunchbox Clue Location
You can go around the rock instead of walking up the steps when Ryan and Laura go down into the old tunnels. The “Miner’s Lunchbox Clue” can be found behind a rock.

Old Quarry Tools clue Location
A collection of tools can be found to the left of the stairwell that leads upstairs. Just interact with them for the “Old Quarry Tools clue”.

Rum Still Clue Location
The “Rum Still Clue” can be located when you’re playing as Ryan in the Hackett House. Turn left and go through the door from where you originally took control of him. Interact with the pictures on the left wall in this room.

Chapter 9 Clue Locations

Hunting Trophy Wall Clue Location
The first clue can be obtained when playing as Laura if you choose to escape rather than hide. A trophy can be found on the wall after you reach the chamber with the stairs. To get the “Hunting Trophy Wall clue”, interact with the trophy on the wall.

Hackett Family Tree Clue Location
Go upstairs and enter an office straight away, in the same area as Laura. To get the “Hackett Family Tree Clue” look in the left corner for a family tree next to a chair.

Scrapyard Note Clue Location
Go upstairs and look for a letter in the garage when you’re at the scrapyard with Dylan. The “Scrapyard Note Clue” is the note on the desk up here.

Discarded Signage Clue Location
When you control Dylan at the scrapyard, you’ll be able to find this clue. You’ll descend one of two sets of stairs and if you come down the left-hand stairwell, turn right and you’ll find the “Discarded Signage Clue”.

Chapter 10 Clue Locations

Camp Letter Clue Location
The location of this clue can be discovered while Kaitlyn or Dylan are investigating the lodge. Take a left after crossing the first set of stairs. The “Camp Letter Clue” is in the middle of the ground, surrounded by beds, in the room adjacent to the short stairway in the open area on the top level.

Ancestral Portrait Clue Location
Head across the balcony on the first level of the lodge to a portrait in the middle above the fireplace that you can interact with for the “Ancestral Portrait Clue”.

Ticket Stub Clue Location
The “Ticket Stub Clue” can be found immediately next to the ancestor’s painting. Look for it on the ground at the railing corner.

Chalkboard Doodle Clue Location
Cross the portrait and proceed to the first classroom on the opposite side of the floor. Continue inside the second classroom from there. To discover the “Chalkboard Doodle Clue” interact with the board.

Inscribed Jewelry Clue Location
Now, immediately outside the classroom in the last clue, take the stairs. Look for the ring on the ground against the sofa. Pick up the ring to collect the “Inscribed Jewelry Clue”.

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