The Quarry Evidence Locations Guide

Evidence is one of many collectibles that are lying in wait to be discovered during the story-driven narrative of The...

Evidence is one of many collectibles that are lying in wait to be discovered during the story-driven narrative of The Quarry. However, unlike other games, these pieces of evidence are more than just collectibles. They add more context to the storyline and determine the kind of ending you unlock.

There are a total of 10 pieces of evidence, one in each chapter, that you need to find in Hackett’s Quarry to prove your innocence to the Hackett Family.

The following guide will make it easy for you to find all of them by marking the location of each piece of evidence in each chapter of The Quarry.

All Evidence Locations In The Quarry

Before jumping into the evidence locations in The Quarry, note that you need to make a certain choice in Chapter 1 in order to spawn the evidence in Chapter 3.

You need to make sure that Jacob steals the Rotor Arm from the van in Chapter 1 or else you will have to do another re-run of the game to spawn the Chapter 3 evidence and finish all of your collectibles.

Chapter 1 Evidence

Evidence #1: Empty Vial
The evidence is found in the Camp Cabins. After you get to explore the cabin, head out to the large tree in the middle of all the cabins. Here, Abigail will find an Empty Vial near the tree trunk.

If you missed this, you can head back to the tree and get the Empty Vial when playing as Dylan in Chapter 5.

Chapter 2 Evidence

Evidence #2: Torn Bags
The evidence is found in the Store Room of the General Store. When you are exploring General Store, use Jacob to open the locked door to the Store Room. Here, you can find two bags with dried-up blood on them. The bags are found on the shelf in the back corner of the Store Room.

Chapter 3 Evidence

Evidence #3: Bloated Corpse
The evidence is found in the Boathouse by the lake. If you had had Jacob remove the Rotor Arm in Chapter 1, he will again swim out to the lake in Chapter 3 to retrieve it. In doing so, he will discover the Bloated Corpse in the lake. If he hadn’t removed the Motor Arm in Chapter 1, he won’t swim out in Chapter 3 and he won’t find the Bloated Corpse.

Chapter 4 Evidence

Evidence #4: Attack Photo
The evidence is found in the Treehouse. When you reach the Treehouse in Chapter 4, you need to get Emma to search the bag on the floor and this will lead her to find and investigate the trapdoor. As she heads down, Emma finds a strange creature and will take a picture of the creature before she tases the monster.

Chapter 5 Evidence

Evidence #5: Claw Marks
The evidence is found in the Camp Cabins. Just before you enter the radio hut, make sure to look around the door and you will find a huge claw mark on the wall near the door.

Chapter 6 Evidence

Evidence #6: Memory Card
The evidence is found in Hackett Woods. When you walk through the woods as Jacob on the wooden walkway, you will find a large footprint on the ground. From this footprint, turn right and follow the path and you will find an old and broken camera on the floor. Investigate the camera to find a memory card in the camera.

Chapter 7 Evidence

Evidence #7: Cease and Desist Letter
The evidence is found in the Sheriff’s Office. In the Sheriff’s Office, you need to head to Travis’s office in the right corner of the building. Look opposite the door of Travis’s office and you will find a printer there. Investigate the printer and you will find your Cease and Desist Order evidence.

Chapter 8 Evidence

Evidence #8: Scarred Flesh
The evidence is found in the Quarry Mines. After you get past the collapsing stair portion, you will end up on a square catwalk, with a red boulder in the middle. On the top left corner of this catwalk is the Scarred Flesh evidence.

Chapter 9 Evidence

Evidence #9: Kaylee’s Letter
The evidence is found in the Hackett House. When Ryan gets locked in the bedroom, get to the jewelry box on the dresser to find Kaylee’s letter to her grandmother.

Chapter 10 Evidence

Evidence #10: Trial Cam Footage
The evidence is found in the Lodge Attic. Search in the attic by the classroom, found on the far side of the Lodge. Here, you can find a cardboard box filled with tapes. One of these tapes has the Trail Cam Footage, which is your evidence.

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