How To Unlock Chapter Select In The Quarry

The Quarry does indeed have a "Chapter Select" feature that allows you to jump directly into any chapter without having...

The Quarry does indeed have a “Chapter Select” feature that allows you to jump directly into any chapter without having to play the chapters beforehand. The following guide will explain how to unlock Chapter Select in The Quarry.

Compared to the previous Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology games, The Quarry offers a larger web of branching and connecting narratives between several characters. That boils down to finding several collectibles such as evidences, clues, and tarot cards to unlock the many endings of the game.

Not to forget that every character in The Quarry can be either killed or saved depending on your choices. Hence, having access to the Chapter Select menu gives you the freedom to go back and choose wisely.

How To Unlock Chapter Select In The Quarry

The Chapter Select menu will naturally not be available from the start. You will need to beat the entire game once to unlock Chapter Select.

Once you have finished the game, you will be able to jump into any of the 10 available chapters. That will come in handy if you are, for example, looking to save everyone to unlock the best ending.

However, unlocking Chapter Select comes with a few caveats.

Chapter Select Unlocks Once Per Playthrough

There is a limit to the freedom the Chapter Select menu offers. Once you jump into a chapter of your choosing, the Chapter Select menu will be locked to that chapter and become unavailable for all chapters.

What that means is that the chapter you replay the game from will require you to beat the remaining chapters to unlock Chapter Select once again.

For example, if you start the game from Chapter 5, you will need to complete the entire game starting from Chapter 5 to the end. Only then will Chapter Select become available again. You will not be able to just play Chapter 5 and then jump back into Chapter 2 or Chapter 3.

Chapter Select Enforces All Choices Made

In the same vein, Chapter Select forces you to play the game chronologically. You cannot jump two or three chapters. That also means any choices or decisions you made in a chapter you chose from Chapter Select will not reset and will continue through until you end the game.

For example, if you start the game from Chapter 5 and make a specific choice, you cannot use Chapter Select to jump directly to Chapter 10 to see how the ending is influenced because of the choice you made in Chapter 5.

Chapter Select Resets All Collectibles

When you use Chapter Select to replay the game from a chapter, all collectibles you collected in the previous playthrough will be reset to the start of that specific chapter.

Hence, you will not be able to go back to only find the remaining collectibles that you missed on your first playthrough. If you do go back, you will have to play the entire chapter to find all of them.

For example, if you jump into Chapter 5, all collectibles that you collected between Chapter 5 and Chapter 10 in your previous playthrough will be reset.

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