The Outer Worlds Workbench Guide – Repairing, Tinkering and Upgrading Gear

Check our our detailed explanation of the workbench in The Outer Worlds which lets you alter your weapons and gear for big gameplay changes

The Outer Worlds is the RPG that everyone’s talking about lately. With countless ways to shape your character and different gear to use; you can be invested in the game for hours without ever knowing about it. Your gear is important and when it’s vanilla it won’t serve you to its full potential, that is where the Workbench comes in handy when playing The Outer Worlds. It provides basic functions like repairing and modifying your weapons and armor and more.

The Outer Worlds Workbench

The workbench serves various purposes in the game which are tied to some extremely important game mechanics so getting a basic understanding of workbenches is vital.

  • You can spend your currency (Bits) to improve the effectiveness and level of your equipment.
  • If you head to the fourth tab in your inventory, you’ll notice a list of mods that you can add to your gear. The workbench helps with the implementation of mods to your gear.
  • Like most RPGs, your equipment will lose durability and to get it back up to 100%, simply use a workbench to repair your items.
  • If you’re a crafting addict like me, you always want to be topped off on different resources so as to be able to better improve on gear that you currently own. You can use the workbench to dismantle weapons and armor parts in the same way you do it from your inventory.

Repairing your items
Nobody really likes it when their items lose durability, but due to the fact that your weapons will lose their effectiveness as your weapons slowly break; it becomes paramount that you repair said items. Your items will have a meter that indicates each of their durability. As this bar decreases, your armor will protect you less and your weapons won’t deliver damage to their fullest.

Once you’ve reached the workbench and you’re all ready to swing a little hammer, you can simply repair your items back to 100%, of course, which would use up your weapon and armor parts. These parts are easily obtainable by dismantling any old gear that you haven’t gotten rid of yet. A way to make this process a little easier would be to reach Level 20 Engineering so that you can simply dismantle items and repair them; should you want that, just in your inventory.

You’ll find yourself having trouble if you’re just going off on vanilla armor and not working to make your equipment better. Tinkering allows you to level up your current gear. Simply select the Tinker option, (On the top) and level your gear away.

If you find something that you just don’t want to leave behind or something that you like the look of, you’re going to want it to level up with you instead of wasting it. It should be noted that you cannot increase an item’s level beyond 5 of your own character’s level. With enough bits, you can take a gear with good bonuses and keep it with you for as long as you want.

Modifying your Gear
If you like a weapon or armor piece a lot, it’s best to go ahead and modify that bad boy so you can get the most out of it. You can attach barrels, and scopes to your weaponry and can also modify your armor piece. Before you go ahead and modify your gear, once you’ve placed a mod in their slot, the only way to remove that afterward is to destroy that specific mod. So be careful with what you pick.

Your gear will have either two or three slots that will accept a unique mod type. Attach the correct mods to your gear to get the most out of them. Your damage type can also be changed using this so you can adapt to whatever environment you’re about to raise hell in.

To do this, open up your workbench, go to the Modify option, choose the weapon you wish to pimp out and select Install Mod; which should present you with all the mods available to pick from.

If you’ve played through a good chunk of the game, it’s wise to sit down and work on every aspect of your equipment as mentioned above. With every hour of action, take a minute of breather to organize and work on everything you got so far

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