The Outer Worlds Beginner’s Tips

The Outer Worlds from Obsidian Entertainment is a brand new RPG that lets players live out their space exploration fantasies as they visit various planets and interact with the location population there. The experiences and paths which players choose in this game are very exciting and everything that you do is connected to something that will happen to you later. That is why we have compiled some handy beginner’s tips for you to use when starting The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds Beginner’s Tips

Considering how sprawling of an RPG The Outer Worlds is, it is easy to get confused about what to do next and that is where our tips will be useful in explaining the basics of the gameplay.

Food Effect
Your food has a major effect on the stats of your abilities. There is a variety of what you eat in The Outer Worlds and it is divided between food, drinks, and drugs.

Before you eat anything, you need to check the effect of it on the inventory screen. The food that you eat can have both negative and positive effects.

For eg. taking down a drug might stop your health from regenerating or some might decrease your stamina. Effects of some edible stuff didn’t use to go away until you sleep. For some edibles, it takes a lot of time for them to wear off.

Difficulty Levels
Outer Worlds provide you with different difficulty levels that you can try to play on and find your comfortable position.

The easy mode just takes you through an experience where you don’t really come across a hard combat system. It is for players who aren’t familiar with the first-person shooters and want to play it safe.

Then there is the normal mode which a bit harder than the easy mode but if have experience in playing under the first-person shooter than it is not the mode for you.

The hard mode of this game is still easier for you if you have been playing an FPS shooter. It would make your game more intriguing and the combats in this mode and more fun to play around with.

Then the game introduces us with the Supernova difficulty mode which is actually the hardest mode in the game. The level can be only selected when you start a new game and if you switch from it than you can never go back.

Supernova challenges you by giving you an experience of a very hard combat mode and also by limiting your saving options. The death of your friends here is permanent so you have to be smart in managing their positions and upgrades.

If you don’t want to try something this hard first then don’t as it will be exhausting for you and you require a lot of patience in this mode. Once you are done with the game, you can try Supernova after that.

Save your progress
Even though easy and normal mode will not trouble you as much as hard and Supernova, save your progress in all the modes you are playing. When you are about to enter combat, there are chances that you might get killed in it and then, all the progress that you have done will be lost.

Before you enter any combat, go to the pause menu and save your game. In Supernova, you can only save and fast travel to your ship. There is a limit to saving in Supernova mode and if you save your progress and stop the game, you will be punished.

Fast Travel
During your first stage, you are going to unlock the Traveler perk. This perk allows you to fast travel even when you have difficulty in moving.

The perk is best for people who transfer a lot of material with them. They can use fast travel to carry Storage Container or Vendor and if they unlock Pack Mule and Hoarder than the amount of material they can fast travel increases.

Weapon and Armors
So this is no secret that the game allows you to modify your weapons which increases the skills of that weapon. You can also tune your weapons and armors which upgrades the skills of it, damage and defense rating.

You use your workbench for tuning and you have to put some of your money in it as well. While using your money for tuning, don’t hesitate as once you are done which tuning your weapons and armor, you are going to earn a lot more by using them on the battlefield.

Putting 20 points in engineering will open the ability to tinker with your gear. Now you can increase the level of your gear, damage, and defense.

Your skill affects the importance of your tuning. The improvements done in your damage and defense rating might now seem much to you, but when you use those weapons and armor, you see a difference. As the money you put in these things is not much, you won’t regret any of it at the end.

Combat tips
You require the companion skills by putting 20 points into leadership. These skills are shown on the screen in the bottom left corner. They can be very helpful if you use them smartly.

SAM’s ability will produce an area of effect stun whereas Vicar Max’s is a close-range shotgun blast. These help you by doing an area control and gives you space to move around by pushing enemies away from you and cleaning out your way.

Time Dilation is the best asset for you. It is the purple bar beneath your health and its ability is to slowdown time for you which pictures everything in slow motion.

Now you can look around for all the weaknesses in your enemies and see their target level. While your time is dilating and you move or take a shot, it drains more quickly hence when you take a step towards something or take a shot on an enemy, make sure it is perfectly calculated and the aim is on point otherwise you are wasting your dilation for no reason.

Under the fifty point mark, you level up skills in groups and after you reach there, you level up skills individually. Your dialogue, combat with words, solution creating, all comes within the thirty – thirty-five point marks whereas there are some choices that you have to make, some doors that you have to unlock and all this is done when you reach eighty to hundred points.

If you didn’t want to upgrade a particular thing and you did it, then you only have to pay a small fee and you can refund all your spent skill. There is a Respecification Machine that lets you reset your character and lets you start over. It requires you to pay 500 bits for the first time and 1000 bits for the second time.

These are all the tips that you need to have in order to start your journey in the game and going through these tips will give you an idea of what is going to face in the new world you are about to enter