How to Repair Armor and Weapons in The Outer Worlds

The weapons and armor in The Outer Worlds have a limited amount of durability before the items lose their effectiveness.  When damaged, you’ll either need to find new weapons and armor, or you can repair the ones that you’ve got.  There are two ways to repair your weapons and armor in The Outer Worlds and where you can do it depending on the way you have allocated your skill points.

Repair Armor and Weapons in The Outer Worlds

You can repair items in the inventory menu for weapon parts or armor parts or you can take these items to a Workbench. Simply head to a workbench icon on the map to do your repairs. Repairing an item to max durability will give you the highest damage output or highest protection.

Repairs are not free though.  Repairs will cost you weapons or armor parts (depending on what you are repairing) when you do them at a workbench.  Weapon and Armor parts can be found all over the game world, but if you don’t have any you can break down the items you have for these parts.

To repair weapons or armor without a workbench you need to have a high enough Engineering Skill.  Once you have increased your Tech Skill to Level 20 you will unlock the Field Repair Perk.  This allows you to repair weapons and armor from your inventory screen without the need for a workbench. This still needs armor and weapons parts, however, its much more easy as it saves you from traveling around to get repairs.

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