How to Repair Armor and Weapons in The Outer Worlds

Learn how you can repair your armor and weapons in The Outer Worlds to maintain maximum durability and performance in combat

In this guide, we will go over how to repair armor and weapons in The Outer World game and tell you the different ways to keep your weapons and armor fresh all the time.

How to Repair Armor and Weapons In The Outer Worlds

The different equipment in the game will lose their sharpness and durability once you have kept them in the inventory for a long time. These items will get rusty over time, and you will have to keep them in good shape.

This is where the Repair mechanic of the game comes in. It allows you to repair your armor and weapons to their maximum capabilities at the cost of item parts.

These Weapons and Armor parts are scattered all around the game’s world. The scrap parts that you will be required to repair items will depend on what you are repairing.

Repairing armor will require Armor Parts, and Weapon Parts will be required to repair a weapon. If you are low on these parts, you can dismantle the armor or weapons you no longer need for their respective parts.

There are two methods to repair Armor and Weapons in The Outer World, which we have discussed below:

Using a Workbench

The first repair method is by making use of the Workbench in the game. You can find the Workbench by looking for the workbench icon on the map. Head there and interact with the Workbench to use it.

You can choose from your list of Armor and Weapons and repair the item that you want. It will show you the cost of each repair.

From the Inventory

Once you have leveled up enough and unlocked the Field Repair Pack after reaching Tech Skill Level 20, you will be able to repair any item directly from your inventory.

You are no longer required to find a Workbench near you and head there to repair the item. You can easily access your inventory from anywhere and repair the item by selecting them. You can also repair every item in your inventory all at once.

This is all for our How to Repair Armor and Weapons in The Outer World guide. You can check out more of The Outer World game guides on our website.

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