The Outer Worlds The Distress Signal Quest Guide

The Distress Signal is one of many engaging side quests of The Outer Worlds with special rewards and XP. In order to start this quest, you need to complete Passage to Anywhere side quest.

Head to Gladys while looking for a NavKey during the quest Passage to Anywhere, upon which you will be asked to listen to a Distress Call, which can be viewed from your ship; the Unreliable. If you can’t view it, you will need to talk to Udom Bedford and clear your ship’s impounding.

The Outer Worlds The Distress Signal

After talking to Gladys and viewing the Distress Signal, you will receive 2000 XP and unlock the quest The Doom That Came to Roseway; along with a pathway to Roseway in Terra 2.

Landing at Roseway’s pad, go to Roseway proper through the street where you will talk to Berke; a tarmac guard. He will inform you that Anton Crane is in charge and that Raptidons got loose and attacked the town.

At this point, if you talk to Orson Shaw and offer to help, you will get an objective to get his weapon plans which can be found in the Storage Facility lying south-east of Roseway. Go there, defeat the marauders and loot from the basement wall.

Make your way to Roseway Communications Room to meet Anton Crane, the source of the distress. He will tell you that his work isn’t legal and nobody higher-up can know of the incident.

Here, you can intimidate (25) him to gain knowledge that they’ve been tasked with making a dental gel, and accidentally they discovered an appetite suppressant.

They were attacked by a group of malcontents who freed the Raptidons and stole the research. You get 3300 XP for helping and obtaining Anton’s Lab Keycard and Anton’s Pass Code.

Anton will warn you against killing the Raptidon mother, and tell you that the old lab has Jameson (His protégé). Agree to find him to gain another quest By His Bootstraps.

Leave and head outside to find Weldon, who doesn’t have much of use, after this, go to the apartments and into Anton’s Room upstairs where you can browse the terminal to read his personal journal (Rude) and learn more about his motivations.

Head down, talk to Vaughn Cortes who seems to have left something important at the lab. Once you offer to help you’ll find out that he’s been making Raptor Musk for an aphrodisiac. He will ask you to keep your mouth shut from Anton, and once you accept the quest you’ll unlock The Amateur Alchemist.

Get out of town and go to Roseway Garden where you’ll be jumped by Raptidons as you get nearer to Auntie-Biotics Lab 0013, this is the old lab Anton was referring to and where you can further By His Bootstraps should you choose to.

Staying on our current course, head to the south-east to Cover Lab. Inside which you’ll find Cassandra O’Malley.

Here, you can either choose to murder her or make an agreement; nonetheless, she has Auntie Cleo’s Research Data. Through a door at this point, you’ll find Vaughn’s Research and a unique weapon Rapti-prod. Use the terminal to decide what to do with the data, if you need it don’t destroy it.

The quest can be completed by giving Gladys everything or, nothing. The best option to do here is to tell Gladys about the toothpaste because then you complete The Doom That Came to Roseway, and if you don’t do that, you’ll only get Bit Cartridges.

Upon completion, you get the following quest rewards:

  • Upon giving the toothpaste formula to Gladys, you get 3750 Bit Cartridges and complete an additional quest The Doom That Came to Roseway, giving you 32,000 XP.
  • If you give Raptidon Musk, you get 1875 Bit Cartridges and you can no longer do The Amateur Alchemist quest, giving you no XP.
  • Handing over the FORCE Pistol Schematics to Gladys, you gain 1875 Bit Cartridges but Vulcan’s Hammer becomes unavailable, giving you no XP.

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