The Outer Worlds Stranger in a Strange Land Quest Guide

Stranger in a Strange Land is the very first quest of the game and thus extremely essential to the plot and introduction of the game world. Below we have summed up a guide that contains all the information about completing Stranger in a Strange Land quest in The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds Stranger in a Strange Land

The quest takes place in the Emerald Vale where players land in a drop pod sent by Phineas. The quest starts with giving you all the pointers on movement, stealth mechanics.

You have to move along so you meet the injured NPC, Guard Pelham. Upon meeting Pelham, you can choose to assist him with injuries if your medical skill is high enough or continue the conversation normally.

Persuade him to hand over his gun to you. Doing this will give you Light Ammo x111, Light Pistol, and Sentry Sabre. If you don’t go for curing him then you can kill him and take his Riot Control Armor and Riot Control Helmet. After you are done looting him, blow up the barrels which are hindering your path to the exit.

After you are out of the exit, you are going to come across Marauders. Once you kill them and get all the material that you can, go to the room with the Telescoping Staff.

Going further around, you are going to meet Lieutenant Mercer. She is going to inform you about the landing of Marauders. Now it is up to you, whether you go and kill them yourself, or you can tell her about your meeting with Pelham and patch him up.


Once you are done with the task, go to the ship to talk to ADA so you can take over the ship. The ship will contain a lot of stuff for you to loot. Inside you will find a Workbench and the Respecification Machine as well.

Exiting the ship will make you stand in front of Mercer, who is going to be confronting you about the ownership of the ship.

You can again use your interaction with Pelham here so you can avoid the fine or you can kill her, which is going to give a negative effect on your reputation but you get a chance to loot 6x Bit Cartridge, 5x Energy Cell, Adreno and Light Assault Rifle.

Once you enter the Marauder Encampment, you’ll have to defeat a lot of them in order to get some XP. You also gain some items which include some armor parts, weapons, and bit cartridges.

Now you have to go back and find Silas, Junior Inhumer for the town of Edgewater, and ask him about the Power Regulator, for which he asks you to go to Reed Tobson’s office.

After the interaction with Silas, go back to town and you’ll gain 600 XP. Once you reach Reed Tobson’s office, you can ask for the power regulator and gain 1028 XP.

Reed wants you to reroute power from the botanical district over to Edgewater, and then you can take the regulator. He will ask you to talk to Adelaida and warn her about the power and its possibility of getting shut down due to the quotas being low.

This will bring you to the Comes Now the Power quest, for which you get the Geothermal Passcode item. Parvati is going to be your first Companion here.

After your interaction with Parvati, your objectives for the quest Comes Now the Power will be updated. Complete the quest and then speak with ADA on the Unreliable and then install the Power Regulator.