The Outer Worlds Science Weapons Locations Guide

Check out our guide to the complete list of every science weapon in The Outer Worlds which you can use to deal devastating damage

The Outer Worlds has many different categories of weapons to choose from so that you can show your enemies that you are a force to be reckoned with. One such category is Science Weapons and this is arguably the oddest one. Each of these weapons has crazy scientific effects that can do weird and interesting things. We’ve prepared a list of every unique science weapon in The Outer Worlds and how to find them while also pointing out the best unique weapons in the game.

The Outer Worlds Science Weapons

Shrink Ray:
Weapon Type: Handgun
Special Effect: Weaken

As the name implies, this weapon fires a beam that can shrink your foes. You can find it in Phineas’s lab on top of a table.

Mind Control Ray:
Weapon Type: Long Guns
Special Effect: Stagger

Increase your Science skill to utilize this weapon, which can be found in Rizzo’s lab on Monarch. Hop up an elevator shaft at the end of the level to find a dead scientist and a bunch of goodies, including this gun. Use it to get enemies to attack each other.

Gloop Gun:
Weapon Type: Heavy Weapon

This weapon and can disable multiple foes at the same time by shooting goop at them. It can be acquired from the UDL Lab on Monarch once you’ve hacked the terminal during “Weapons From The Void”.

Prismatic Hammer:
Weapon Type: Two-Handed Melee
Special Effect: Knockdown

This weapon can do different types of damage such as energy blasts or sweeping attacks.  To get the Hammer, you need to purchase the Battered Mardet Datapad from Gladys on the Groundbreaker.

For the weapon location, head to the restroom in customs that has all of the Stevadore’s beds and then jump up on top of them. You’ll have to drop down behind them and take down some foes before you can collect the Repair Hangar Keycard from the Outlaw Squad Leader. This opens a door that has the Hammer.

Mandibular Rearranger:
Weapon Type: One-handed Melee
Special Effect: Stagger

This weapon can stagger and freeze foes if you hit them enough times. It is located in a building at the Abandoned Mining Camp at Scylla. The Rearranger is inside a green box in the building.