The Outer Worlds Mandibular Rearranger Location Guide

This guide contains the location of the Mandibular Rearranger in The Outer Worlds which has the ability to stop your enemies dead in their tracks

Science weapons are unique weapons that you can find in The Outer Worlds. In this guide, we will give you information about the location of one such science weapon, Mandibular Rearranger, in The Outer Worlds.

Despite the game being set in space and having a sci-fi backdrop, these weapons are still some of the craziest ones you can find due to the way they work and change gameplay.

The Outer Worlds Mandibular Rearranger

To get the Mandibular Rearranger, you need to head to Gladys. Here you have to purchase the Hephaestus Mining – Archive Cartridge. To review it, you can do it on the terminal in your quarters.

You are going to get your clue, and now you will make your way Scylla, to the location that has been marked on your map. The Mandibular Rearranger weapon will be located in the building right near the Abandoned Mining Post.

The weapon has the ability to deal physical damage to your enemies. Once you hit the enemies with this, your enemies are going to move at a staggeringly low pace. This will happen just by one hit. If you hit the enemy multiple times then that will cause him to freeze in one place and that is going to enough time to finish them off.

This is all the information that you require in order to get the weapon in The Outer Worlds.