The Outer Worlds Shrink Ray Location Guide

The crazy Shrink Ray in The Outer Worlds lets you turn your enemies into tiny enemies for a short while and we can help you find it

The Outer Worlds has brought an impressive arsenal of weapons for players to use during their adventures in the space set-RPG with the Shrink Ray being one of them. Science weapons are the fun to use, reality-defying weapons that can be found in different places.

Many weapons are easy to find but few of them may take some work to get your hands on them. In this guide, we will help you find the Shrink Ray to have some fun with your enemies.

The Outer Worlds Shrink Ray

The Shrink Ray is the first of science weapons you can find. And this guide will show you how to get it!

To get the shrink ray, you will have to make your way to Dr. Phineas Welles’ lab. To get to the lab, you first repair your ship at the end of main quest Stranger in a Strange Land.

After the repair, head to your quarters on the ship and go through the notes on the terminal which will show that someone has been trying to track down some weapons in Dr. Phineas’ lab.

Now to reach the lab, you will need to complete some quests in order to gain a Navkey which unlocks travel through the entire Halycon. Once you have the key, make your way to the lab. Head inside and talk to Dr. Phineas. He will give you another task but before starting that you can get hold of the shrink ray.

Approach the counter in front of Phineas and grab the gun. That’s it! The weapon is now yours. There will be no type of penalty for picking the weapon.

The Shrink ray deals plasma damage and also shrinks your enemy for a small time. Increasing your science skill will increase the time the enemies are shrunk for

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