The Outer Worlds Endings Guide

Learn all the possible endings in The Outer Worlds and how you can achieve them by choosing to do different actions throughout the game

As an open-world RPG, The Outer Worlds has a number of different outcomes at the end, meaning that player choices will affect the ending of the game. In this guide, we will go through the different endings and how they are achieved!

The Outer Worlds Endings

So far we have discovered 3 possible main endings in the game based on the choices players made in their journey.

Ending #1
For this ending, help out Phineas on his mission and do what he tells you for the critical path. Go to Monarch to meet his contact and get the Dimethyl Sulfoxide. After this, Phineas will lead you to Tartarus and will take down the board with your help.

Gun down the Board soldiers and make your way to Chairman Rockwell. You have different options here to try and convince Rockwell to side with you and balance the plan:

Lie [80]:  I’ve already rallied Byzantium against you. It’s only a matter of time.

Persuade [80]: With your resources and some of the folks on the Hope, we could do a lot.

Intimidate [80]: I’m going to get your administration’s cooperation one way or another.

Convincing him will make him agree that he will sell the plan to the Board if you make it out alive with Phineas. Go ahead to the final chamber where you will confront Sophia Akande. She has Phineas strapped in an electric chair. You will have the following choices while confronting her:

Charm: I don’t want to fight you, Sophia. You’re one of the only rational people left.

Intimidate [80] Heavy Weapon [50] 2-Handed Melee [50]: No, I’m giving you a chance to walk away before I turn you into a bloody mess.

Persuade [100]: You don’t want to die on Tartarus. I’m giving you a chance to walk away.

If you convince her, she will flee the game and you won’t have to fight the robot. If you fail to convince her, you will have to fight a giant robot. Defeat it and go to the place where Phineas is being held. Akande will turn hostile. Kill her and free Phineas.

Phineas will tell you that Earth has gone dark and that Halycon is the only place they can live. So, they must revive The Hope’s colonists and rebuild Halycon.

You will be asked by Phineas if you want to lead the colony. You can agree or mention Chairman Rockwell to help. The game ends and a slideshow will start recapping your journey!

Ending #2
In this ending, you can turn Phineas in and instead of working against the Board, you will work for them. When you touch down on the Groundbreaker, go speak to Udom Bedford. You will have an option to turn Phineas in here.

If not here, once you start working for the board, they will be able to capture him. When they do, Tartarus will be at the same level but now you will fight different enemies. This time he will have freed the prisoners and they will be the enemies you have to defeat instead of the Board. But this time, Chairman Rockwell will be killed as part of the riot.

Another variation from the other ending is that you will make Phineas realize his failures and take his own life. This will bypass the robot fight. If you do not choose this option, then another swap from the first ending will happen, that this time you will confront Phineas and kill him after defeating the robot.

The ending scene will play but this time with a more pessimistic and corporate touch to it.

Ending #3
This one is the alternate ending and is different from the other both. It’s the easiest one to get but also very hidden.

For this ending to happen, you will help the board capture Phineas or if you help Phineas near the end of the game. Once you make your way to Hope in the Kept Secret But Not Forgotten quest, you will be given the task of skipping the ship.

You’ll come across a console on the ship. Interact with it and tell ADA that you are ready to skip the Hope and say that you want to do it yourself. She will advise not to do that.

You will need the Dumb stat to be able to skip it yourself. If done correctly, you will sail right into the ball of fire and gas in space. The Hope has crashed into the sun, destroying the ship and killing all the crew on it. This will end the game and credits will start rolling.

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