The Outer Worlds Companions Have Abilities And You Can Command Them

Obsidian Entertainments’s The Outer Worlds has received new gameplay footage and details in the past 48 hours. New gameplay footage has revealed some interesting new information about The Outer Worlds companions, quests, and decisions.

The Outer Worlds companions will play a very important role in the game. Like many RPGs, the upcoming game will allow you to make friends and bring up to two companions with you. To do that, you will have to accept some side missions.

Gameplay videos confirm us that the companions will be able to help out our main player throughout the game. These companions will provide combat support in different situations. Moreover, you can command companions during combat. Further, players will be also able to unlock special abilities for their companions. Once done, you can direct them to use their abilities on an enemy that you target.

New gameplay released by GameInformer shows a female companion using a giant hammer with shock damage to help out the main player.

In addition to this, The Outer Worlds companions can use their skills to enhance your Skills. Companions will also help you unlock different dialogue options during conversations. Moreover, companions will also increase the player’s carrying capacity and allow you to carry more inventory.

In short, it’s very useful and fun to have a companion in The Outer Worlds. Obsidian said that you will add companions as you progress throughout the game and you will be able to swap between them depending on the situation.

Other than that, you can also kill your companions. Further, Developer Obsidian Entertainment has confirmed that players will be able to kill every single NPC, even those who assign missions in The Outer Worlds.

Allowing players to kill NPCs was a nightmare for the team, according to Obsidian senior designer Brian Heins. With that said, make sure to check out The Outer Worlds gameplay below to know more about the game.

As expected, The Outer Worlds plays and looks a lot like Fallout: New Vegas. Personally, I noticed that the AI for both enemies and companions is dumb. On top of that, the world seemed a little empty compared to modern RPG games.

The game will not take you days to complete its story. The Outer World’s story can be completed in less than 20 hours if you rush. Unfortunately, there’s no The Outer Worlds third-person perspective.

The Outer Worlds release date is set for October 25, 2019, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Obsidian recently announced that the game will also release for Nintendo Switch but sometime later.

Interested players can now pre-order the game from Sony PlayStation or Microsoft Store.

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