The Outer Worlds Perks List

When you invest points in a skill area when playing the Outer Worlds, you get to select a perk for every 20 points you put in. Perks are special benefits that you can use to improve your skills. Both you and your companions can make use of Perks and there are several different tiers of them. We’ve prepared this handy guide to explain how perks work and we’ve listed every perk in the game.

The Outer Worlds Perks

Every time you progress 2 levels, you get one perk point. This can be done by finishing quests, accepting Flaws or just playing the game for fun.  Perk points can be spent on unlocking a perk of your choice for yourself or your companions. Each Perk tier requires you to have some of the previous perks unlocked. We’ve listed every Perk that you and your companions can take advantage of.

Player Perks

Tier 1

  • Toughness: +50% Base Health
  • Slow the World: +25% Tactical Time Dilation Meter Max
  • Lone Wolf: You deal+25% more damage when alone
  • Strider:+25% Walk Speed
  • Cheetah:+20% Sprint Speed
  • High Maintenance: -25% Weapon / Armor Durability Loss
  • Precision: +15% Companion Critical Chance
  • The Negotiator: -20% Vendor Prices
  • Deadly Demonstrations: +50% XP from Companion Kills
  • Traveler: You can Fast Travel when overwhelmed
  • Quick and the Dead:+50% Tactical Time Dilation Recharge Rate
  • Pack Mule: +50kg Carrying Capacity
  • A Few Bits More: +100% Additional Consumable, Ammo and General stock on Vendors
  • Resilient:+5 Base Armor Rating

Tier 2

You need 5 of the previous perks to unlock these.

  • Run and Gun: -65% Movement Penalty to Accuracy
  • The Reaper: +25% Tactical Time Dilation Restored per Kill
  • Weird Science: +50% Science Weapon Damage
  • Speed Demon: +25% Movement Speed during Tactical Time Dilation
  • Scanner: +20% Bonus to Extra Headshot / Weakspot Damage
  • The Collector: +5m Interactable Highlight Range
  • Snake Oil Salesman:+20% Vendor Buying Price
  • We Band of Brothers: +25% Chance of Critical Skills resetting a companion’s Ability cooldown
  • Tag Team: Using a Companion’s Ability leads to a +25% Chance of resetting other companion’s Ability cooldown
  • Rolling Thunder: Every kill reduces the Companion’s ability cooldown by 20%
  • Harvester: +15% Health Restored per Kill
  • Hoarder: -50% Consumable Weight
  • Pack of Pack Mules: +40kg Carrying Capacity Bonus from Companions
  • Soliloquy: +10 Dialogue Skills

Tier 3

You need 10 of the previous perks to unlock these.

  • Wild Science: +50 Science Weapon Damage
  • Steady Hand: -100% Ranged Weapon Sway and Movement Penalty to Accuracy
  • Confidence: Critical Hit is guaranteed in your next hit after taking down a foe
  • Armor Master: +100% Skill Bonus and+10% Armor Rating Bonus
  • Super Pack Mule: +100kg Carrying Capacity
  • Tactical Master: For 5 seconds you have +70% Movement Speed during Tactical Time Dilation
  • Revenge: +20% Damage
  • Last Stand: +30% Damage when you have less than 25% Health
  • Boom, Headshot: Headshot kills deal 25% of their damage to enemies within 2.5m
  • Don’t Go Dyin’ On Me!: Revive Companions to 25% Health
  • Penetrating Shots: – 1 Armor Rating inflicted for 10 seconds by ranged attacks
  • Thick Skin: -15% Plasma and Area of Effect Damage Received
  • Tit for Tat: +15% Melee Damage returned as Health
  • Solo Sneaker: -33% Detection Radius of Enemies


Tier 1

  • Healthy: +30% Base Health
  • Boisterous: +30% Threat Generated
  • Sneaky: -30% Threat Generated

Tier 2

Have just one perk from Tier 1 to unlock these.

  • Fine Aim: +10% Ranged Damage
  • Battle Hardened:+5 Armor Rating
  • Heavy-Handed:+10% Melee Damage

Tier 3

You need 2 of the previous perks to unlock these.

  • Spec Ops: Using an ability gives +20% Chance to reset its cooldown
  • Stonebreaker: +30% Companion Ability Damage
  • Jazz Hands: -30% Equip Time/ +30% Ranged Weapon Reload Speed

Tier 4

You need 3 of the previous perks to unlock these

  • Echoing Thunder: Taking down a foe gives +20% Chance to reset an Ability’s cooldown
  • Shake it Off: -30% Harmful Status Effect Duration
  • Showtime: +25% Damage inflicted for 5 seconds

Tier 5

You need 4 of the previous perks to unlock these.

  • Long Winter: +20% Duration of Status Effects inflicted by Companion Abilities
  • Stand Your Ground: +3 Armor Rating for 10 seconds
  • Second Wind: Health to 25% Health when downed

Best Perks

Below are our recommendations for the best perks in the game which will help you get the most out of the RPG experience.

Tier 1

Since you need to take 5 perks, we recommend the following:

Toughness: Boosting your health by half can come in handy if you’re planning to rush into a combat on a frequent basis. By the time you’ve reached level 30, you’ll have 3,500 health by default and 5250 if you take this perk.  That whopping amount extra health makes it worth it.

Lone Wolf: If you plan to leave your companions at the ship and go it alone then we strongly recommend you take this perk to do more damage.

Quick And The Dead: This is a good choice since most players need their Tactical Time Dilation Recharged faster.

Pack Mule: Pick this one so that you don’t have to manage your inventory too often.

Tier 2

Harvester: This is one of the best perks in the game and very beneficial in combat since you no longer have to stop firing to heal.

Weird Science: Science Weapons are extremely powerful and odds are you’ll have at least one or two at hand so it’s best to increase their damage.

Scanner: If you use tactical time dilation then this is very useful.

Also, try to go for perks that are boosts of tier 1 perks such as Pack of Pack Mules.

Tier 3

Armor Master: Everyone can make use of this perk effectively and if you’re wearing chimera, you will get when an additional +10 lie, +10 intimidate and +10 persuade. That’s a pretty big amount and can help you pass skill checks.

This is pretty much the king of tier 3 Perks. Aside from this, stick with Perks that help you take down foes faster such as Confidence or boosts that from previous perks that make your life easier such as Super Pack Mule.

That is every tier of Perks in the game. You can unlock as many as you want so pick the ones that best suit your playstyle.