The Outer Worlds Companions Locations – Recruitment Tips, Perks and Abilities

The Outer Worlds features a number of companions players can recruit, hang out with and assist in missions, all of which we have in this guide

Similar to what RPG fans might be used to in Bioware games, you can have up to two companions in The Outer Worlds. Each of these companions have their own perk and alignment. In this guide we will discuss all the companions present in the game.

The Outer Worlds Companions

First thing’s first, there will be no romance between companions because it would’ve been a limiting factor according to developers. You can select perks for the companions and also have the option to customize them.

When you are out on the field all your inventory will be shared among your companions so don’t carry useless junk that can’t be used by you or your companions and waste precious space. Companions are capable of having special abilities and perks along with three skills.

You will have to help companion complete their missions, quests and objectives when they ask for it. You can also dismiss companions whenever you want by simply talking to them. Below are all the recruitable companions in the game.


Ellie has her own quests and objectives to complete but will follow you around in the Outer Worlds. She has her own skills, abilities and alignments. She will leave if you make a decision that she disapproves of.

She will abruptly disagree with any decision that doesn’t serve her interest, so if you are morally compromised she is the way to go. She will not get attached but you can still do one personal quest with her “The Low Crusade” after you have arrived at Byzantium.

Location: The Groundbreaker

Perks and Ability

Ability: Quick Draw

Unique Perks

Bonus Support Medical: Medical incremented by 10.

First Responder: 20% increased heal amount granted by Medical Inhaler.

CPR: 25% of Health will be recovered in case fatally wounded.


Being an unemployed orphan in the Back Bays of Groundbreaker as a “Stowaway” is not a good story. He has attacked his foreman with a tossball stick at this job.

Location: Outside The Unreliable, The Groundbreaker

Recruiting Felix
You can recruit Felix at the Docks in Groundbreaker but before that you have to speak with Udom Bedford and also make sure that your ship is not impounded to travel anywhere. He will offer to join once you simply talk to him.

Perks and Ability

Ability: Dropkick

Unique Perks

Bonus Support Persuade: Persuade incremented by 10.

Bootlickers! Damage to Cowering Enemies increased by 20.

Rebellion: Damage to Corporate Military increased by 20.


You will be asked by Parvati to get moral guidance form Vicar Max in Edgewater by talking to him.

You will also be asked by her if you drink or not when entering the cafe. You can talk to her after that. You will be able to talk to Parvati using your perception after you meet Thomas Kemp.

Location: Reed Tompson’s office, Edgewater

Recruiting Parvati
In order to recruit Parvati you will have to recruit her during the quest Stranger in a strange land. You can get more information about her parents if you go to her house and search her terminal.

Perks and Ability

Ability: Overload

Unique Perks

Bonus Support Engineering: Engineering increased by 10.

Mod Finder: Chance to extract Mods in the Field increased by 10%.

Synchronicity: Tactical Time Dilation Meter increased by 25%.

Companion Quests

  1. Comes Now The Power
  2. Drinking Sapphire Wine

Vicar Max

After you recruit him he would be present on the 2nd floor of the unreliable ship in his room. You can inquire about his life and motivations from him and he would describe himself as, “Run of the mill vicar with a violently enthusiastic disposition”. He became a Vicar against the advice of his laborer parents and left them with the believe that the “Plan” cannot be broken like an elastic band. It has the ability to stretch a long way before having any serious repercussions and this is what he has spent his life on. He reveals that Philosophsim which Boku’s legacy religion is the counter to Scientism because of the belief that everything is chaos and not a plan.

You would also have to ask him about a translator and he would suggest someone in the Groundbreaker who will unlock the quest, “The Empty Man”.

Recruiting Vicar Max
In order to recruit him you would have to talk to him at Edgewater in the Emerald Vale, Parvati will suggest this to you during “Comes Now the Power”. You would have to accept his quest of getting a forbidden book form the Collector’s office.

Talk to him after finishing this quest in Edgewater and he will ask you to join you and you will accept in order to recruit him.

Perks and Abilities

Ability: Trickshot

Unique Perks

Bonus Support Hack: Hack increased by 10.

Sermon: Dialog Combat Effect Duration increased by 20%.

Mad Max: Science Weapon Damage increased by 20%.

Tuned In: Drug Effect Duration increased by 50%.


Sam is present on the 2F of the Unreliable and doesn’t have the ability to take his own decisions because of a lack of proper AI. But he does give you repeated slogans that contain already prepared corporate tidbits. He will be talked to and repaired by Parvati and it will happen on the engineering portion of your ship. Just for fun, you can walk in on SAM and ADA when they get physical in their relationship.

Location: Upper Deck, The Unreliable

Recruiting SAM
You can recruit him if you finish the quest The Cleaning Machine which you can start by inspecting him on the ship.

Perks and Ability

Ability: Decontaminate

Unique Perks

Bonus Support Intimidate:  Intimidate increased by 10.

Cleaner: Negative Reputation Kill decreased by 20%.

Bad Samaritan: Damage to Automechanicals increased by 20.

Clean Sweep: Harmful Status Effect Duration decreased by 25%.

SAM’s Equipment

You cannot remove these items from his frame.

Corrosive Washer
Description Sprays out a continuous stream of caustic cleaning fluids.
Damage 54 Corrosion
Skill Heavy Weapons
DPS 771
Magazine Size 50 (Energy)
Special Effect Corrosion
Sell Value 47
Weight 5
Condition 100%


Corrosive Blaster
Description Shoots out balls of corrosive energy that explode on impact.
Damage 231 Corrosion
Skill Heavy Weapons
DPS 925
Magazine Size 100 (Energy)
Special Effect Corrosion
Sell Value 0
Weight 0
Condition 100%

Companion Quests
Recruit:  The Cleaning Machine


This one is a no-nonsense mercenary that blows stuff up just because she likes it and will most probably take the violent path but she still have a soft spot for the well-being of all Factions.

Location: The Yacht Club, Monarch

Recruiting Nyoka
Finish the quest Passion Pills to recruit her. You will get this quest from Stellar Bay in Monarch. She will join you at the completing of this quest and she will become your companion if you accept it.

Perks and Ability

Ability: Barrage

Unique Perks

Bonus Support Lie: Lie increased by 10.

Hunter: Radius of Footstep sounds decreased by 20%.

Exterminator: Damage to Creatures increased by 20.

Companions Skill and Abilities Chart

You get one-quarter of the adjusted skills of your companions and in case you have 60 Skill point into Inspiration then you will half of their adjusted skill values. Also, you will get this boost from all your companions even if they have the same skills then this boost will double.

Name Max Level Skill Value 1 Max Level Skill Value 2 Max Level Skill Value 3
Ellie Lie 74 Medical 84 Engineering 77
Felix Persuade 81 Lockpick 80 Sneak 77
Nyoka Lie 74 Medical 77 Sneak 86
Parvati Persuade 74 Lockpick 84 Engineering 88
SAM Intimidate 89 Hack 80 Science 80
Vicar Max Intimidate 77 Hack 81 Science 81

This is the end of our companions guide. If we missed anything let us know. Have fun with your companions.

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