The Outer Worlds Companion Quests Guide

All the companions in The Outer Worlds come with their own quests to improve your relationship with them and this guide details it all

The Outer Worlds includes Companion Quests that are optional to complete, and are played through to strengthen the relationship with non-player characters (NPCs) in the party. This is a walk-through of all the Companion Quests in The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds Companion Quests

Each companion has their own quests, some more than one that not only rewards players with good loot, money and XP but could also potentially unlock more quests.

The Illustrated Manual

In this Companion Quest will have to search for the Collector’s Domicile which, according to Max, was in the possession of the collector who lives in the north of Edgewater, towards Abandoned Outpost’s location. Max will also have marked the Collector’s location on your map.

You will find out that the collector had hidden the book in a cave, to which you will have to travel in order to retrieve the Journal. Once you’ve found M. Bakonu’s Journal in the river cave, return it to the Vicar.

You will get an increased Reputation level, and Spacer’s Choice faction, with over six thousand (6,400) XP. The completion of this Companion Quest will also unlock Vicar Max.

The Cleaning Machine

This Companion Quest will be unlocked once after you leave the Emerald Vale, and during the main quest Passage to Anywhere.

You will get your hands on an inoperative auto-mechanical in the supply closet, the unit will only show a name SAM. You will have to ask ADA more about the auto-mechanical unit.

ADA will tell you that there may be information about repairing the device in Alex Hawthorne’s Quarters, thus you will find entries on the Alex Hawthorne’s terminal. The entries will be about the captain’s attempts to make SAM into a unit that is capable of combat.

The captain wanted to change the unit’s S.U.D.S Steeper by an Acid Steeper, which was to be collected from Roseway Gardens, in the Storage Facility that will be South of the landing pad.

You will need a passcode to get to the area, you will get the passcode if you hack the terminal in Auntie-Biotics Lab.

Once you’re gotten the Acid Steeper, you will have to go back to change the old Steeper with the Acid Steeper.

You will get one thousand (1,000) Bit Cartridge, over nineteen thousand (19,200) XP, and the completion of this Companion Quest will also unlock SAM.

The Empty Man

This Companion Quest will only be available if you complete The Illustrated Manual and recruit Vicar Max.

First, you will have to locate the Groundbreaker’s security terminal as Max believes that he can track the scholar if he gains access to a data cartridge from the terminal.

As the security office will be in a restricted area, you will have to find a Mardet ID cartridge to use the Holographic Shroud.

Once you’re at the terminal, remove the Data Cartridge and give it to Max. He will hack the cartridge to track the scholar’s location. The scholar will be located in a rented domicile in Fallbrook on Monarch.

Head to the scholar’s location along with Max. Once you’re at the location, you will find out that the scholar, Reginal Chaney will not be home, which is why you will have to search his place for any possible hints about where he might have gone to.

Upon searching, you will find a note in his domicile, that will tell you that Chaney has be in search for gold from a river located in the outskirts of the town.

Go to the river with Max, where you will find out that a scholar is a different person whom Max met in prison. Max will want to talk to the hermit, who originally owned the Journal.

After this, you will have to enter the Philosophist-hermit’s chamber for meditation and take part in the meditative aid. This will allow you to experience a vision quest alongside Max, in which you will have to help Max navigate through the vision and quest and aid him in completing it by confronting his hallucinations.

Once Max finishes hallucinating, talk to him and see if he has found the answers that he had been in search of.

You will get over two thousand (2,200) Bit Cartridge, over nineteen thousand (19,200) XP, and at the completion of this quest you will also be given Incense Vessel, which is a quest item in The Outer Worlds.

Drinking Sapphire Wine

This Companion Quest will be unlocked when you will dock at the Groundbreaker during the Main Quest Passage to Anywhere, the quest will only be available if you recruit Parvati.

You will see Parvati standing by the ship’s exit, interact with her and agree on taking her to the Groundbreaker’s engineer, Junlei Tennyson.

After you’ve completed this task, head back to the Unreliable and talk to Parvati about the engineer. After this, you will have to take Parvati to the Lost Hope on the Groundbreaker, where Parvati will seek to get drinks at the bar and talk to Junlei.

Now you will need to talk to Parvati in the Bar, where you would have reached the Lost Hope. She will ask you what to drink, choose Wine, Here you will have a discussion with Parvati where she will be asking for your advice.

You will have to encourage Parvati to tell people to accept how she is, and you will successfully persuade her into asking the captain out.

At the end, return back to the Unreliable, where you will need to talk to Parvati again, asking her about how it went between the two of them, after the talk, your quest will be completed.

You will get 19,200 XP as quest reward. The completion of this Companion Quest will also unlock the Companion Quest, Don’t Bite the Sun.

Worst Contact

This is another Companion Quest. To start the quest, go to Ellie who will be on the fifth floor of the Medical Bay of the Groundbreaker, at the same location from where you accessed the quest Solution Vital.

You will need to talk to Jessie in the quarantine area. If you possess the Holographic Shroud and a cartridge, you can easily disguise yourself by just going inside, otherwise you will have to use an alternate entrance to the area which will be located behind Gladys’ compartment.

For this, you will have to crouch past and around a squatter’s spot. Head to the end of the hall and use the intercomm to meet Jessie Doyle.

You will have to convince Udom Bedford to clear all of Jessie’s debts to the Board. Udom Bedford is the Board’s representative on Groundbreaker.

Talk to Udom Bedford, and you can offer to pay Doyle’s fine or pass a persuade check to convince him.

Return to the Medical Bay and talk to Jessie and Ellie to complete your Companion Quest.

You will get close to 27,000 XP, one thousand (1,000) Bit Cartridge, Groundbreaker/Board reputation as reward and Ellie will also ask you if she can join your party.

Don’t Bite the Sun

This Companion Quest will be unlocked when you will dock at the Groundbreaker during the Main Quest Passage to Anywhere, the quest will only be available if you recruit Parvati. Once you’ve completed the Companion Quest Drinking Sapphire Wine, you will be able to embark on this quest.

You will have to buy Cleansing Products for Parvati from a vendor on the Groundbreaker. Once you’ve found the cleanser which Parvati desired, go ahead and talk to Parvati and see if she’s ready for her date now. Which is when you will be asked to buy a Dustback Casserole and Sweetheart Cakes.

Go to Chef Raymond in Stellar Bay to buy the Dustback Casserole for 3000 Bits, and then to Rizzo’s Facility in Cascadia, Monarch.

Once you’re here, loot the Ersatz Sweetheart Cake from a bar’s counter in a building located in the Maradeur-occupied part of town. You will find this building if you head left from the Bottling Plant’s sign. You will have to read a code through the terminal to open the gate.

Go back to Parvati and speak to her, which is when she will tell you to go to Byzantium’s Prosperity Plaze. Here, you will need to go to Jolicoeur’s Haberdashery and talk to Celeste Jolicoeur, who will make an outfit for you, although she will require some clothes, and she will also ask you to model.

Afterwards, talk to her about Parvati’s desire of an outfit, you will have to pay 6000 Bit Cartridges to get the Fancy Evening Wear, Collarless.

If the designer is killed during Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel, you will have to talk to Malini Gupta for the dress.

After you get the dress to Parvati, you will have to tell her to get on with the date, after which you will need to travel back to the Unreliable and speak with Parvati. Then go to the Groundbreaker and talk to Parvati again.

Go to the kitchen in the ship and listen to Parvati’s date and then exit the ship. Enter the ship again and speak to Parvati about the date to complete the Companion Quest.

You will get twenty-eight thousand (28,000) XP and twenty-five hundred (2,500) Bit Cartridges, and a picture of Parvati and Junlei together.

Low Crusade

After you complete the Companion Quest Worst Contact, and recruit Ellie, speak to her on The Unreliable after you go to Byzantium. Go to the Fenhill Estate to talk to Ellie’s parents.

Ellie will be outside the Estate, go talk to her about her plan to steal the insurance money, and agree on helping her. Now you will have to go to the Greater Halcyon Insurance Group and examine the mailbox located right next to two guards in Prosperity Plaza. You will see the closed Auntie Cleo’s Salon Club right across your destination.

After this, you will have to go to Fallbrook on Monarch and register a fake account, after which you will talk to the Insurance Agent and change the beneficiary on Marilyn Fenhill’s life insurance policy.

The Insurance Agent will exclaim that you can not make this change, but you may do this on the terminal in the backroom. You can also consider bribing her or intimidating her to do it.

You may Lockpick the back room’s lock or Pickpocket the back room’s key from the Insurance Agent. After you’ve changed the beneficiary to Ellie, go back to Ellie and speak to her to complete the Companion Quest.

You will get sixty thousand (60,000) XP, and over one thousand (1,313) Bit Cartridges along with a Framed Insurance Check.

Star-Crossed Troopers

This Companion Quest will only be available if you complete the Passion Pills and recruit Nyoka. Talk to Nyoka once you’ve exited Monarch Wilderness, she will ask for your help for a dangerous task, accept to start the quest.

You will first have to visit Hayes’ Grave along side Nyoka. She will give    you the directions to the spot.

After which you will need to give Nyoka the Medallions which you will loot from Anderson and Rebekah who will be lying dead on the floor, after you defeat a group of Marauders at the Abandoned Spacer’s Choice Settlement. The medallions will have CHARON written on them.

Then you will ask Hiram to help you track down Nyoka’s lost friends. Hiram will give you the coordinates of the Outpost in Emerald Vale, where Rebekah and Anderson went.

Search the Outpost for Revekah’s and Anderson’s remains and retrieve their medallions. After which you will need to colelct three Pheromone Glands from Pungent Primals. Note that the mantiqueen will only come out if she believes that there’s an ongoing threat of the invasion of her territory.

You will have to go to Scylla to get Primal Pheromone Glands. Once you’re here, go to the navigation markers and put down the Pungent Primal Behemoths and loot the Pheromone Gland, which you will have to give to Nyoka.

Now go back to Monarch to kill the Mantiqueen, whom you will find at the southern end of the map. Consider fast traveling to the C&P Boarst Factory. You will need the password Charon, given to you by Nyoka, to unlock the door to Mantisaur Hive.

Loot Opal and Clara’s bodies, put down the Mantisaurs, and place the Glands at the navigation points. After this you will have to kill the Mantiqueen with her minions. Once you’re done, talk to Nyoka to receive your awards and examine the graves to complete the Quest.

You will get thirty-eight thousand (38,000) XP, and twenty-five hundred (1,313) Bit Cartridges along with a Framed Photograph.

Friendship’s Due

This Companion Quest will only be available if you recruit Felix. Go exploring with Felix, where you will have to wait for a brief amount of time and then talk to Felix, who will ask you for a favor. Accept his request to start the quest.

Go to Harlow’s Base in Scylla to meet with Harlow. You will have to travel to the landing pad to have a chat with him. Felix will only be allowed in Harlow’s crew if Felix can kill Rufus Trask, who’s a traitor. You will have to find the traitor, kill him and loot his ring.

To find Rufus Trask, you will have to talk to his wife, Rosana who can be found on the Groundbreaker. She will tell you that her husband is hiding in Emerald Vale. Head to Emerald Vale and go north-eastwards from the Botanical Lab, to North Gulch.

Here you will find Rufus Trask, you will get to know how Harlow is a board asset who is engaging in a sanctioned policy by the board. This is when you will require proof from Rufus Trask, and you may let him live and take his ring.

After this, go back to Harlow’s Base, consider picking up the Stashed Receipts on your way to get extra XP. You will talk to Felix, who will be very surprised.

After you’re done talking to Felix, speak with Harlow and tell him about what Rufus Trask said and show him the evidence. He will refute the accusations, which is when you can make use of perception and point out that Harlow lied about Rufus Trask working for the board.

You will point out how this does not make sense and Harlow will attack you after losing his patience.

Finally, talk to Felix to complete the Companion Quest. You will get forty-three thousand (43,000) XP, and thirty-six hundred (3,600) Bit Cartridges along with Harlow’s Emblem.

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