The Outer Worlds Worst Contact Quest Guide

Check out how to recruit a new teammate and complete their Worst Contact quest in The Outer Worlds with the help of our handy guide

Worst Contact will be one of the Companion Quests in The Outer Worlds. Companion Quests are the optional-to-complete quests that players may choose to play or not to play during their journey through The Outer Worlds’ story-line. This is a guide on the Worst Contact Companion Quest, it explains how to unlock the quest, and how to complete the quest, and lists the rewards that the players will receive upon the completion of the Companion Quest.

The Outer Worlds Worst Contact

This is another Companion Quest in The Outer Worlds. To start the quest, go to Ellie, who will be on the fifth floor of the Medical Bay of the Groundbreaker, at the same location from where you accessed the quest Solution Vital.

You will need to talk to Jessie in the quarantine area. If you possess the Holographic Shroud and a cartridge, you can easily disguise yourself by just going inside, otherwise, you will have to use an alternate entrance to the area which will be located behind Gladys’ compartment. For this, you will have to crouch past and around a squatter’s spot. Head to the end of the hall and use the intercom to meet Jessie Doyle.

Ellie wanted to steal the Blood Tear diamond, and she got Udom Bedford to provide her with fifty percent of the funds needs for the robbery. The heist did not end up well for Ellie and she ended up being in Bedford’s debt, which is why she will ask you to talk to Udom Bedford.

You will have to convince Udom Bedford, who will be at his office near the Groundbreaker Promenade, to clear all of Jessie’s debts. Udom Bedford is the Board’s representative on Groundbreaker. Talk to Udom Bedford, and you can offer to pay Doyle’s fine or pass a persuade check to convince him.

Return to the Medical Bay and talk to Jessie and Ellie to complete your Companion Quest. You will get 19,200 plus 9,600 XP, 1,000 Bit Cartridge, Groundbreaker/Board reputation, and Ellie will also ask you if she can join your party.

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