The Outer Worlds Friendship’s Due Quest Guide

Learn how to complete the Friendship's Due companion mission in The Outer Worlds to earn Harlow's emblem and more rewards

The Outer Worlds consists of some Companion Quests, one of which is Friendship’s Due. These types of quests are not mandatory but completing them helps the player to increase their reputation with the companions and their associated factions. This guide has the complete information about Friendship’s Due quest for Felix.

The Outer Worlds Friendship’s Due

In order to unlock this quest, you’ll have to add Felix to your party. Interact with him by taking him on an exploration, after some time he’ll ask you for a favor. Listen to him, agree to help him and start the mission.

Now, visit Harlow’s Base situated in Scylla, don’t forget to add Felix in your party before visiting Harlow’s Base. When you reach the place, you’ll encounter Voelker who will ask you “where you’re going”. You’ll only be permitted to enter if you say that you’re accompanied by Felix. After entering the Base, find Harlow and Marlow to your right in the corridor.

Upon asking Harlow the reason for being there, he’ll respond by saying that he’s planning something special and needs Felix’s assistance and loyalty by finding and killing Trask; who is a traitor.

Later, he’ll ask you to search for Trask’s wife, Rosana in the Groundbreaker for which you’ll receive 10,000xp and Harlow’s Emblem. Following this, when you ask Felix about this situation, he’ll tell you that it’s very sketchy and Harlow might take advantage of him.

When you go to the Groundbreaker, you’ll find Rosana at The Lost Hope, the local tavern. Ask her about her husband, she’ll tell you that she’s not in contact with him. However, she gives you his location, Rufus can be found in Emerald Vale.

For the next part of the mission, head to Emerald Vale and go towards the northeast of the Botanical Lab, there you’ll end up on North Gulch, there you’ll find Rufus Trask. Upon interacting with him, he’ll expose Harlow by telling you that he’s a board asset engaging in board-sanctioned piracy. When you’ll ask for evidence, you’ll receive a voluntary task known as “Uncover it”. Don’t kill him but take his ring and receive 10800xp.

Return to Harlow’s Base and while on your way, pick up some Stashed Receipts and receive 10800xp. Talk to Felix and tell him about the real reason he’s here, he’ll have a hard time believing it. Next, talk to Harlow and tell him that Trask told everything about him, he’ll refuse to believe this truth when you show him the evidence. You can use perceptions to indicate his lies.

When you tell Harlow that this doesn’t make sense, he’ll attack you and will be aggressive towards you. This way you’ll receive 10800xp. For quest rewards which include 10800xp, Harlow’s Emblem, 3600 Bit Cartridge, and 43000xp, talk to Felix. Also, you can find that Harlow was working for the Broad by reading the nearby terminals.

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