The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 9: Santa Barbara Walkthrough

This is our guide for The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 9: Santa Barbara. If you want to find...

This is our guide for The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 9: Santa Barbara. If you want to find all of the artifacts in this chapter refer to our Chapter 9 Collectibles guide.

The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 9: Santa Barbara

The TLoU 2 chapter 9 walkthrough is divided into different sub-sections with details on how to proceed through.

Keep in mind that this is the last major chapter of the game so expect some spoilers in this Last of Us 2 chapter 9 walkthrough and hence tread carefully.

2425 Constance

At the start of the chapter, you will come across a patch of graffiti with which you can interact to learn more about the area.

As you move down the street, taking note of the addresses of the houses you will come upon 2425 Constance.

The house will be surrounded by infected, so you’ll need to deal with them before you can enter.

Explore the house for collectibles and interact with the radio to start a cutscene.

Pushing Inland

In this section the player starts on a boat, another artifact is located here. Soon you will have to disembark the boat to continue ahead, jump off of it and start making your way down the street.

There is another artifact hidden in a garage on the street. Just make your way past the police car to begin a cut-scene, at the end of which you will get a silenced submachine gun.

From this point on you will be up against rattlers, a new faction of the game who have body armor and helmets and hence will take a lot of damage before going down.

Stealth kills are still as effective though. Cut through the train ticket station ahead for supplies.

Keep moving forward until you reach a blue van, interacting with it gives a journal entry.

Follow the train tracks until your character gets on top of a car to spot the resort. Near the car will also be another artifact.

The Resort

As you near the resort you can find a gap in the fence which you will use to enter the premises. Keep a look out for a wooden workshop that will have a workbench.

The rattlers keep infected as pets chained together. Get crafty and mess those chains up to turn the infected loose on the rattlers.

Enter the building and look out for a collectible card nearby. Get back outside and make your way to the mansion.

Make your way past the clicker pool. Deal with any enemies until you can make it inside the mansion on the left.

Loot the mansion for supplies and move on by going out on the balcony and leaping over the stone barricade.

Now you will find yourself in a section of the building with more Rattlers huddled around some party tables. Consider waiting for them to leave and picking them off one by one instead of going in guns blazing.

Now you have to make your way downstairs through the wooden doors, once down in the hall, open the door by the blue chairs for a cut-scene to play. After it ends walk towards the beach for the finale.

The Beach

There is a totally linear path ahead. Reach the pillar marked 1 and keep true to the path in front of you until you finally reach the boat.

At the end, Abby is waiting for you and now the player must engage in a melee fight with Abby.

This is the same as other melee fights, wait for your opponent to attack, dodge their attack and counter with your own.

There are some quick-time events during the fight where you will need to mash the button on your controller. A cut scene plays, marking the ending of The Last of Us 2 and now it’s on to The Epilogue.

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