The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 9: Santa Barbara Collectibles Guide

In Chapter 9 of The Last of Us 2, you’ll come across 12 collectibles scattered all around the area. In this The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 9: Santa Barbara Collectibles guide, we’ll help you find the locations where you’ll come across these collectibles.

The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 9: Santa Barbara Collectibles

Santa Barbara is a chapter of the story campaign in TLoU 2 which is broken down into three levels; The Constance 2425, Pushing Inland and the Resort.

Below we have gathered all the collectibles found in each section of Santa Barbara in Last of Us 2.

The Constance 2425

You’ll come across only one collectible in The Constance 2425.

The Rattlers Note
There’s a house located down the overgrown street with 2418 written on it. This house is surrounded by the infected so you’ll have to make your way through them in order to enter the house.

Keep an eye on the clickers inside and head to the bathroom. you’ll find the note on top of the toilet seat.

Pushing Inland

You’ll come across six collectibles in Pushing Inland.

Abby’s Note
The note is found inside the yacht on the kitchen counter during the initial phase of the chapter.

Mansion Note
Upon encountering the Clickers for the first time, you’ll come across a mansion. The mansion itself is locked however, you can head into its garage area and find the note resting on a shelf.

CBB-73 Trading Card
The trading card is found inside the mansion. Enter the mansion by jumping over the wall and head inside the children’s room. The Trade card is found near a lamp on a desk.

Runaway Warning
Drop down to the ground level of the mansion and fight your way through the Shamblers.

Once you’ve taken care of the infected, head into the kitchen area and find the Artefact on the counter to add to your TLoU 2 collectible collection.

Find the Workbench opposite to the kitchen counter on the ground level of this mansion.

Journal Entry
When you’ve exited the mansion and are standing on a point where you can see the entire Santa Barbara, you’ll unlock the Journal Entry automatically.

The Resort Collectibles

A total of five The Last of Us 2 collectibles can be found in the last level of Santa Barbara, The Resort.

Journal Entry
The Journal entry is easy to unblock on this level. After a fight with the Rattlers, simply move along the train tracks and you’ll come across a van with the Rattlers logo on it. Interact with it to unlock the Journal Entry.

Santa Barbara Slave Note
Once you’re on top of the train, you’ll have view of the slave hunters. All you have to do now is drop down from the roof of the train and head into the building on the left and find the Note collectible near a corpse there.

Make your way through the train yard and find a Rattlers camp. Enter the workshop and find the last Workbench inside against the wall.

Sparkthug Trading Card
Head left from the workshop and into a mansion. Find the trading card behind the stereo system inside.

Rattler’s Letter Home
Inside the resort, head up the staircase and head into the bedroom on the top right area. Find the Artefact on the side table near the mattress to complete your collectible collection for this chapter of The Last of Us 2.

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