The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 6: Seattle Day 1 Collectibles Guide

In Chapter 6: Seattle Day 1 of The Last of Us Part 2, you’ll come across many collectibles scattered and we have the locations of them all

In Chapter 6 of The Last of Us 2, you’ll come across many collectibles scattered across the different levels. In this The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 6: Seattle Day 1 Collectibles guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about finding each and every one of them.

The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 6: Seattle Day 1 Collectibles

Chapter 6 of TLoU 2 story campaign is divided into 6 levels, for each level we’ve detailed the location and number of collectibles that you can find below.

The Stadium

There are 4 collectibles in The Stadium stage of TLOU 2.

Coin – Alaska
You can find this Last of Us 2 collectible coin soon after Abby, Manny and Mel arrive at the stadium’s tribunes very first time. Get the coin lying on the ground, before you go any further.

Coin – Maine
The chance to gather this coin happens as you come down from the stands of the stadium. You have to arrive at the area where the clothes are being washed.

You will find the coin on one of the wooden benches.

Coin – New Jersey
You can get this coin directly after you leave the dog paddock and pass by the pens where the breeding animals are. Head towards the passage to the lower portion of the stadium.

You will find the coin on the right side on the ground before reaching the shooting range.

Coin – Vermont
You can discover it right after you go over the shooting range. Walk somewhat further and check out the cabinet – the coin is inside it. Get it before you reach Manny and Alice.

On Foot Collectibles

There are 7 Collectibles in “On Foot” section of The Last of Us 2.

Coin – Kentucky
You can discover this coin piece in the wake of entering the first warehouse at the start of the stage – in the wake of getting away from Scars (the cultists).

This collectible lies on a table in the warehouse. Use electric lamp for finding it easily.

Coin – Massachusetts
You can locate this collectible once you arrive at the huge garden part of the market. This coin lies on the counter close to one of the sales registers

The workbench can be found soon after Abby and Mel begin seeing the big building. The workshop is in a faintly lit space in the hangar.

Training Manual: Stealth
To get the manual, you need to move to the top level in the hangar. Now put down a ladder to arrive at the suspended huge boat. Inside the boat the collectible lies on a little table.

Coin – Indiana
You can discover it right after descending from the roof of the hangar. There are barracks on the left but the entrance is closed.

Yet you can go to the back and utilize a tossing object or a gun to break one of the windows. You will have the option to get inside. The collectible is on the table.

WLF Gun Cache Note
You can discover it inside the similar barrack where you acquired Coin-Indiana. This collectible lies on a table close to the exit. It will help in finding and opening the safe.

Escape the barrack where you got the over 2 collectibles and go straight. Try not to move toward the railroad tracks yet, simply analyze the wall of the structure on the right.

Locate the little gap, Abby can just barely get through it. The safe is inside the structure. The Code is 17-38-07.

The Forward Base

There are 5 collectibles in The Forward Base section of TLoU 2 Chapter 6

Coin – California
You can get this coin directly after the mission begins. Remain in the parking place where various Humvees are parked. The collectible lies on the ground in the spot close to the railing and a gathering of talking individuals.

You can locate this collectible when you start the stage and go through the 1st checkpoint. It’s an area where Abby finds herself with many NPCs. A workbench can be found inside one of the tents.

Coin – New Mexico
Remain in the region where you found the workbench. You’ll locate another coin on the left side of the tent which contains the workbench. It lies on a green chest close to a gathering of talking WLF troopers.

Coin – South Carolina
You can get the collectible later on the stage. For this Abby and Manny must get inside the main building. This coin can be founded on a table in the dining area.

WLF Interrogator Letter
The letter is also in the same room where you find coin – New Mexico. The collectible lies on a desk close to the white holder.

Hostile Territory

There are 15 TLOU 2 collectibles in the Hostile Territory level

Training Manual: Unstoppable Training Manual
On the other side of Tang Fabrics and Imports, there’s a structure you can move into. You’ll discover the Training Manual inside.

Scar’s Suicide Letter
In a similar room, against the kitchen apparatuses, you’ll locate a dead body. The collectible is tucked into his coat.

North Dakota
After you climb onto the vehicle rooftop and later the van to access the structure after Tang Fabrics and Imports, follow the passageway past the entryway and search for the Coin inside a cabinet.

Jasmine Bakery Safe
Go in Ruby Dragon and go up using stairs. Creep under the seats and execute the Clickers inside the room upstairs. You’ll discover the Artifact on a box.

Strange Artefact
In the same room before you drop down you’ll locate the Strange Artifact on the table, before a fan.

Plea to Seraphite Prophet
Again in the same room, retreat from the zone with the gap in the floor and head up the stairs to a rooftop region. You’ll discover the Artifact on the carcass of a skeleton.

Inside Jasmine Bakery, you’ll locate the Safe. The Safe Code is 68-96-89.

WLF Soldier Meets Prophet Letter
At the point when you get to Martyr’s Gate and the truck with all the messages joined to it, head right and go in the structure through its wrecked window.

You’ll discover the Artifact on the workbench, close to the cat ornament.

Seraphite Prayer to Prophet: Peace, Steed, Prosperity
These 3 collectibles are found in the same area. You should arrive at the station it has a sort of religious altar. The artifacts are found inside the semi-trailer and it’s both sides.

After the shootout with the Scars, you’ll creep through a little region and turn out in a Seraphite camp. The Workbench is in the primary room.

Letter from Seraphite Father to Son
On the other side of the Workbench, to the side of the cooking equipment, you’ll discover the collectible on a table

The Forest

There are 2 collectibles in The Forest level:

Inside the vehicle repair shop, following the fistfight with the Scar that has an a hammer, the Workbench is against the wall on the left side.

Failed Truce
In the kitchen region, after following Lev and Yara out of the vehicle repair shop, you’ll discover the collectible on a table recolored with blood.

The Coast Collectibles

There are 9 collectibles in The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 6: Seattle Day 1 – The Coast

After you leave Lev and Yara, you’ll very before long arrive at a structure with a sky-blue block wall. Go in through the entryway, and you’ll discover the Workbench on the opposite side.

Coin – Alabama
After the Clicker standoff in the beachfront area loaded up with containers, you’ll start ascending a multi-layered street. The Coin is close to a body, which is lying close to wrecked vehicles.

Infirmary Note
When you go inside a boat, subsequent to swimming through the current. The second room you experience has a body lying on a bed, and the Artifact is close to it.

Mutiny Note
Soon after you gather the Crossbow from the carcass, you’ll have the option to test it out on two or three Clickers in the first-floor region.

Walk right to the furthest limit of the corridor, and look on the bed under the Washington Transit Authority sign. You’ll discover the collectible on the right side of a silver baggage case.

Coin -West Virginia
While you’re still on the second level of the ship with all the Clickers moving about, go right of the stairs through the corridor and afterward right once more.

You’ll discover some disposed of baggage with a teddy bear. The Coin is on a brown colored bag.

Upon the Sun Deck, where you’ll experience the Shambler, the Safe is inside the region straightforwardly left of the stairs, close to the steering controls. The Safe Code Combination is 90-77-01.

Training Manual: Crafting Training Manual
When you’ve opened the Safe, you’ll discover the Training Manual in it.

Ferry Log
Still on the Sun Deck, after the Shambler experience, there’s an entryway that you have to open. You’ll discover the Artifact on the floor, close to a body.

Coin – Utah
Just after finding the last collectible, move up the ladder and before leaving the yacht region, look behind, close to the boat pole for the Coin.

Coin – Mississippi
When you arrive at the passageway to the Seattle Waterfront Aquarium, you’ll come over a fountain with a dolphin sculpture inside. You will find the coin inside the fountain.

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