The Last of Us Part 2 All Coins Locations Guide

In this guide for The Last of Us Part 2 Coin Locations we have included information on how to find all of these collectibles

TLoU 2 has several collectibles to be discovered by the player. In this guide for The Last of Us Part 2 Coin Locations, we have jotted down the location of every coin chapter-wise and given you step-by-step details as to where you can find each and every single one of these special coins.

The Last of Us Part 2 All Coins Locations

Just like Trading Cards are the main collectibles exclusive to Ellie, Coins are collectibles for Abby in TLoU 2. Below is a list of all the coins and their respective locations divided according to chapters in The Last of Us 2.

Chapter 5: The Park

Tracking Lesson

Once you’re in the park, there’s a building that comes after the gazebo, which is essentially some public toilets. Smash the window, and get up to the ground level.

On top of the dumpster that you’ll be moving, you will find the first coin in The Last of Us 2.

Chapter 6: Seattle Day 1

The Stadium

After Mel and Manny come to your room, go outside into the stadium. After you exit, head to your left and you can find the coin next to the pile of wood.

Follow Manny and Mel into the balcony, head past the steps to your left, and you can find the Maine coin on a bench.

New Jersey
Once you pick up Alice, you will be heading into a tunnel with a wolf painting, on the ground, you can find the New Jersey coin.

Reaching the range, you’ll be instructed to pick up your weapons, however, continue through to the other end of the area until you reach a long corridor. Take a left, and you can find the coin for Vermont in the grey cabinet.

On Foot

At the beginning of the chapter, you’ll be able to find the first coin in the darkroom on the right, sitting on a table.

As you reach the garden center in the warehouse in TLOU 2. At the back of the area, you can find the Massachusetts coin lying on a counter.

Mel will be left with you after Manny gets separated. Once Mel opens the door on the second floor, head through and pick up the ladder; place it on the wall and climb up to find the coin for Ohio lying on a table.

After reuniting with Manny, break into the trailer through the window, and you can find a coin for Indiana.

The Forward Base

The first coin for this chapter can be found at the start, head up the stairs, and right behind the group of people talking, next to the railing, you can find the coin for California.

New Mexico
As you approach the crowded area, head to the left behind the people eavesdropping, and you can find toilets behind them.

There is a coin representing New Mexico on the crate behind the toilet.

South Carolina
Once you finish talking to Nora in TLOU 2, enter the building and you can find the South Carolina coin on the table to your left.

Hostile Territory

North Dakota
When you reach the part of the chapter, where you have to climb onto a campervan to reach the second story of a building; you’ll be able to find the North Dakota coin after entering through the window.

This The Last of Us 2 coin is located in the drawer at the back of the room.

The Coast

Exiting the container area filled with infected, you will eventually come across a highway. Next to a corpse on this highway is the Alabama coin.

West Virginia
After picking up the crossbow and getting into the boat, head up the staircase and take two rights, and you can find the West Virginia coin on a briefcase.

After reaching the back of the boat, climb the ladder, turn around and you can find the Utah coin

Head along the main path, and you can find the aquarium. The right of the fountain will have a coin representing Mississippi hiding in the water.

Chapter 7: Seattle Day 2 Coins

The Shortcut

When you reach the large waterfall, go into the barbershop to your right and you can find the coin for Nevada behind the counter/

Exiting the phone shop, go into the blue building on the other side. To your right, jump out of the window and onto the overhand. You can find the Colorado coin at the end.

The Descent

Drop into the pool, and dive to the bottom to find the coin. You will spot the pool first after dropping off the crane.

Descending into the infested building, you can find the Oregon coin across a beam after you pick up the flamethrower. It’s lying on top of a table next to room 1107.

After dropping down the elevator shaft and taking down the clickers. Break the vending machine to your left to get this coin.

Rhode Island
Leaving the elevator shaft, check in the open area, you can find the coin lying next to the toppled furniture.

Go to the right after getting into the hospital area. You can find it through the glass at the end of the hall.

Ground Zero

Following Nora, you’ll eventually come across a coffee counter, right behind it lies a Washington coin.

After you barely escape from the monster, Abby will interact with a grate. To your left, you can find the coin by breaking into the security post.

Chapter 8: Seattle Day 3 Coins Locations

The Marina

After the cutscene where Lev leaves, you can find the Kansas coin right above you next to the railing.

As you go down to the ground level using the elevator, before you head up the blue rail, keep going along, and you can find it under a tarp to your right.

The Island

When you’re with Yara, you’ll get on a highway using a ladder, to your left is a truck housing the Idaho coin.

North Carolina
Once the island goes on high alert, and Yara tells you to go through the logging camp, you can find a car with an open door stationary to your left along with a coin lying on a book on the floor.

You can find this in the sniper’s den in the very first Seraphite camp. Climb up to the top of the barn, and you can find it in a hay bale.

The Escape

You will eventually reach an alley with a semi-truck. You will be told to crawl under it, however, prior to doing that, look left and you will be able to find the coin lying behind a shopping cart.

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