The Last of Us Part 2 All Hidden Trophies Guide

For this The Last of Us Part 2 All Hidden Trophies, we’ll be going over the necessary details to unlock every hidden trophy found in the game.

The world of TLOU 2 is filled with curious references and collectibles to discover. Although, you’re able to unlock a number of trophies by completing various steps. There are, however, some secret ones that aren’t as convenient to get.

The Last of Us Part 2 All Hidden Trophies

Below is a complete list of all the hidden trophies you will need to unlock for that Platinum in The Last of Us 2.

So Great and Small (Chapter 2: Seattle Day 1 – Downtown)
To get this achievement, you will have to grab an antique ring which is actually a pretty cheeky reference to Uncharted. When you enter the bank, you can find a note, and use the code 60, 23, 06 to go inside.

Within one of the deposit boxes, there’s an eerily familiar ring, that used to belong to Nathan from the Uncharted series.

Sightseer (Chapter 2: Seattle Day 1 – Downtown)
Check every location in Downtown to unlock this secret Trophy.

Looks Good On You (Chapter 2: The Birthday Gift)
When you enter the museum, pick up the hat, and put it on the dinosaur to the right. Take it off once again and put it on another dinosaur.

Finally, put the hat on Joel’s head by interacting with him which will unlock the ‘Looks Good on You’ secret trophy.

Note: It’s necessary that you put the hat on at least one dinosaur before you are able to put it on Joel. If you don’t get the option after one, try one more dinosaur out before interacting with Joel again.

Sharpshooter (Chapter 6: The Forward Base)
Win at the shooting range to unlock this secret trophy in Chapter 6 of The Last of Us Part 2.

Relic of the Sages (Chapter 6: Hostile Territory)
The place where you found the Jasmine Bakery note, there’s a room adjacent to it, and within it a small desk with a fan.

There is a strange golden egg underneath, discovering this artifact will unlock a hidden trophy associated with it.

Put my Name Up (Chapter 6: Winter Visit)
Playing through the chapter, you’ll come across a toy bow next to a chalkboard. Use it to try and get your name on the scoreboard. Hitting at least 10 will unlock the trophy for you.

Discover all safes in the game to unlock the hidden Safecracker trophy.

Arms Master and Survival Expert
The first playthrough of the game isn’t sufficient to unlock all of your skills, so make sure to do a second playthrough of the game and unlock the remaining things to get this trophy.

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