How To Avoid/Kill Runners In The Last Of Us Part 1

Runners are the first out of six stages of the infected, making them the weakest of the lot in The...

Runners are the first out of six stages of the infected, making them the weakest of the lot in The Last of Us Part 1. While they usually avoid direct conflicts with the non-infected, they will attack in packs when provoked. Hence, make sure to not take them lightly.

The following guide will point out the ways through which you can either kill or avoid Runners in The Last of Us Part 1.

How to kill Runners

Runners have a high sense of hearing and will detect the footsteps of any nearby prey. They also possess sharp eyesight that helps them locate their target from a distance.

Their main attack is a grapple where they latch onto you to take a bite out of your flesh. In case you are confronting Runners, you will require a good weapon in your inventory. Since Runners are just stage-one infected, you do not necessarily need a high-powered rifle. A good pistol or revolver should also do the job, provided you aim for their heads.

Secondly, a melee attack can do wonders when it comes to attacking Runners. They provide you with maximum damage except for a high rate of durability.

The best way to kill a Runner is by sneaking up from behind and stabbing them for a quick kill. Although you can use Shiv for an easy attack, but the item is limited and you might want to save it for another opponent.

How to avoid Runners

Runners are the most vulnerable infected in the Last of Us Part 1. Their name pretty much gives away their purpose, and that is to migrate in search of food such as humans or animals.

During their migration, they usually leave behind a few of their kind to take cover in shelters as they lure the prey towards them and attack them in a group; which is their main pattern of attack for survival.

Although these mutants are sometimes non-aggressive in nature, they tend to attack once they are approached by a non-infected, forcing them to get aggressive. To avoid getting attacked by the Runners, you may have to follow a few tips given below.

The simplest way to avoid contact with these mutants is by refraining from entering their territory. Since Runners are constantly migrating, they always leave a few of themselves behind. This makes them quite territorial and if you come across them inside their zone, they will rush toward you for an open attack.

In case you’ve entered a Runner-only zone, the best possible option is to maintain a safe distance and avoid going near them as it will trigger their aggressive side. Much like Stalkers, you do not want them to charge at you in packs. Therefore, if you’re looking for long-lasting survival, it’s best to stay away from them by all means possible.

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