How To Avoid/Kill Stalkers In The Last Of Us Part 1

Stalkers are a type of the infected that you will encounter in The Last of Us Part 1. They are...

Stalkers are a type of the infected that you will encounter in The Last of Us Part 1. They are stage-two Infected and compared to the runners are tad more aggressive. Like the runners, they not fully blind, so you cannot sneak past them.

Furthermore, Stalkers tend to use stealth which is in addition to their aggressive nature. You can find them roaming around the inside of buildings and structures during the day. The following guide will tell you how to deal with Stalkers in The Last of Us Part 1.

How to kill Stalkers Tips

Stalkers are fast and deadly so expect them to charge at you which can be bothersome if you encounter multiple Stalkers in the encounter. Hesitation means having a Stalker in your face and with their use of stealth they can sneak up on you extremely fast.

To kill a Stalker, you must have a high-powered weapon like a shotgun or a hunting rifle. Shotguns are your most effective option because you will often find Stalkers in closed-off areas. You can also lure them into narrow corridors where your shotgun spreads are impossible to miss. This also ensures that you damage multiple Stalkers.

In addition, just like the other infected, fire is a natural enemy of Stalkers. Use a Molotov or a flame thrower to burn them to a crisp. Furthermore, having good aim is pivotal to defeating since they move extremely fast.

Stalkers have still not fully mutated into their stage-four versions. Hence, you stand a chance to go melee against them. While they are a lot stronger than Runners, you can punch your way through them. You will, however, never stand a chance against multiple Stalkers with just melee.

Best Strategies for Stalkers in the Last of Us Part 1

Stalkers make a unique croaking sound that can be heard from afar, but they are often hard to detect using listen mode, because they make little to no sound when in close proximity to you.

You can lure Stalkers out in the open by distracting them. Hide behind cover and throw a brick or a bottle the other way to lure them away or in a singular to take down quickly.

Most importantly, Stalkers share traits with Clickers. Do not make the mistake of running. Your sudden movements are likely to catch a Stalker’s attention. Instead of running away from a nearby Stalker, use stealth to sneak or to kill them.

To stealth kill a stalker throw a bottle or a brick away from you, once they approach the area, run up behind them and shive them to complete the job.

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