How To Avoid/Kill Clickers In The Last Of Us Part 1

Clickers are stage-three infected in The Last of Us Part 1. They possess high intelligence and although they lost their...

Clickers are stage-three infected in The Last of Us Part 1. They possess high intelligence and although they lost their sight due to the mutation, they use their echolocation to detect any nearby movements. Stealth is hence crucial here.

You will need to think twice about taking on a Clicker because they possess inhuman strength. They may not be as powerful as Bloaters, but they are also not as dumb. If they detect you in the area, they will start searching for you in every nook and cranny until you are found.

The following guide will detail how to kill and avoid Clickers in The Last of Us Part 1.

How to kill Clickers

Clickers should normally be avoided but if they have caught your position, you have no other option but to engage in combat.

Unlike Stalkers, Clickers will not hesitate in attacking you on spot by using grapples. Therefore, when these instances occur, you must have a good attack pattern.

To avoid instant death, you must use Shiv to counterattack them when they try to grab you. The main way to kill a Clicker is by aiming for the head and the Fungal area surrounding it.

Use a shotgun or a revolver to take a good headshot in close range to blast them to hell. El Diablo works best if you can find it.

Clickers are also weak to fire. Make sure to pull out your flamethrower or lob a Molotov Cocktail to effectively guarantee a kill.

How to avoid Clickers

Clickers are one of the most aggressive mutants in the Last of Us. They possess an ability called “Break mode” which is triggered when the Clickers are provoked. This forces them to go into a state of panic as they swing their arms while roaring.

During this mode, if your presence gets detected by the Clicker, they will search every section of the area to find you. Once they do manage to find you, they’ll start attacking you until you die.

Therefore, it’s best to avoid contact with these creatures by all means possible. As there are plenty of ways to avoid Clickers and stay away from danger.

Listen Mode is an ability possessed by Joel that helps him detect the presence of nearby enemies. Using this ability, you can easily expose the location of a Clicker that roams around the confined area you’re exploring to avoid coming in its path.

Stalkers will use their hearing skills to the fullest and will not back down from locating their target until spotted. Even if they have to search the entire premises. Therefore, avoid any fast movement and stick to baby steps.

Perhaps the best option to avoid Clickers is by taking cover behind desks, counters, or any other object that can prevent you from exposing your location. Once you’ve found cover, throw an item such as a bottle or a brick to divert the attention of the Clickers which opens a door for you to escape.

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