How To Craft Molotov In The Last Of Us Part 1

Molotov Cocktails are explosive weapons that can be lobbed to set an area and all enemies inside on fire. It does impressive damage and is a vital weapon of choice against the infected, especially the armored-skin Bloaters in The Last of Us Part 1.

You can find your first Molotov Cocktail in the Downtown subway section of the Outskirts chapter. It will be beside a firefly corpse. You will also be able to loot more Molotovs later on in the game but are rare.

Hence, you will have to resort to crafting your own Molotov Cocktails with the required ingredients. The following guide will teach you how.

What you need to craft Molotov Cocktails

Molotov Cocktails require a rag and alcohol to craft, the same ingredients used to craft Health Kits in the game. Since Health Kits are abundantly available in TLoU Part 1, it is recommended to save your ingredients to craft Molotovs.

You bind an alcohol-soaked wick to a bottle of liquor and then light the wick before throwing the bottle at an enemy. When the bottle smashes open, the burning wick ignites the liquor to immolate the entire area. Make sure to not enter the area yourself because you will also catch fire for damage over time.

There are two training manuals that you can find to upgrade your Molotovs by increasing their explosive radius. The first training manual can be found during the Pittsburgh chapter when you are trying to escape the city. Head inside the kitchen to pick up the training manual before following Henry out of the door.

The second training manual is located inside the Science Building during the University chapter. Use a Shiv to open the locked door at the end of the hallway to fully upgrade your Molotovs to double their explosive radius.

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