The Division Level 30 Gear Guide – Stats, Attributes and Mods Comparison Tool

The Division Level 30 gear guide to help you easily farm purple legendries along with a gear cheat sheet to help you compare multiple pieces of gear in the most efficient of manner.

The sheer amount of gear available in the Division can be overwhelming for some and sadly the game’s own system kinds of gets messy when it comes to comparing 3 or more pieces of gear with each one containing different stats at the same time.

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The Division Level 30 Gear and Gear Cheat Sheet

Since it is not a good idea to blindly equip everything you come across while exploring the in-game world, The Division Level 30 gear guide contains information to get the best possible loot and compare it with your old loot to see which one is better in terms of stats:

The Division Gear Cheat Sheet

The gear cheat sheet attached here is created by fellow agent ‘Ag5nt‘ on Reddit and will indeed help you out in keeping track of your in-game stats and is a neat comparison tool.

The sheet essentially provides a character’s main stats and their values depending upon the gear, a fast comparison tool for main stats and values, and information regarding primary stat, major/minor attributes, and mods.

In addition to this, the cheat sheet also contains a dropdown list which includes main stats and values. You can check out the image provided by the original creator for some more information on each thing – open in new tab to enlarge:

If you are facing any difficulty in understanding the image attached above, here is a brief overview of everything, provided by the original source!

Every piece of gear comes with some basic main stats such as Armor, Firearms, Stamina or Electronics. The vest in the image has all 4 stats so all basic stats from the equipped gear are added to the sheet.

A summary of gear stat is shown at the very top. For example, in the image, our Armor is 50. After acquiring new gear, you will add the stats on the right-hand-side which in case of our example is again 50.

The summary, once again, will appear on the top, but this time on the third line. As for the comparison value, it appears between the current gear summary and the new gear summary – in case of our example, the comparison value is 0.

The Division gear sometimes also contains additional slots such as another primary stat, major/minor attributes, and mods. The image attached above shows 4 additional dropdown containing different types.

Lastly, do note that the said feature is already available in the game, but kinds of gets messy when it comes to comparing 3 or more pieces of gear with each one containing different stats at the same time.

If you take a look at the image, you will see that the new vest has 0 stamina, but 40 primary stat and HP of +100. By comparing, you will see that the old gear has 40 stamina, but the new gear will offer additional 100 HP. From there, it is a simple matter of adding the values and you are done.

The Division Level 30 Gear Tips

One of the best ways of acquiring purple gear in The Division starts after reaching Level 30. After you have hit Level 30, you will notice ‘Daily Missions’ appearing on your mini-map.

You can play these missions on any difficulty, but in order to acquire purple legendries, you need to go with Challenge which will basically scale the enemies level to match your Level 30 character.

Another important thing that you need to note here is that the ‘Daily Missions’ can easily be completed solo as the enemies do not provide much of a challenge, but then again it is subjective.

From there, you need to head inside the Dark Zone and eliminate named-enemies which are usually found near the DZ landmarks. These enemies almost always drop purple legendries.

Lastly, you need to stack Scavenging in your gear which will increase your chances of finding better gear while exploring.

Vendor Cheat to Acquire Legendary Gear

Firstly, you need to check a DZ vendor and see if there is purple gear available. If not, you simply need to change the instance and move to another server.

In order to do this, you need to select Group Management inside the in-game menu and select Matchmaking. From there, select ‘Free Roam’, wait for a match to be found, and join as soon as you find a match.

Wait a couple of minutes for the instance to load and recheck a vendor’s stock. You simply need to repeat the process until you come across your desired legendries.

This is everything we have on the Division Level 30 Gear tips. If there is something else you would like to know, make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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