The Division Level 30 Strategy, How to Level Up Quickly

The Division power-leveling guide with tips and strategies to help you reach Level 30 in as little time as possible.

Although I have always been a supporter of handling things at their natural pace, there are a couple of reason why power-leveling is not entirely a bad idea.

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The Division Level 30 Strategy

One of the reasons is access to better loot and meeting the mission requirements as soon as possible.

For those who are looking forward to power-leveling in the Division, this guide includes some tips and strategies to help you out! Also, do not forget to share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments section below!

Hard Difficulty
One of the first and most obvious tips is to start and complete main missions on hard difficulty setting. By doing this, you will not only acquire better loot, but also more XP per enemy kill.

However, you need to understand that the mission completion XP remains the same on both normal and hard difficulties, but you can always farm enemies and accumulate massive amount of kill XP.

Completing Optional Missions and Encounters
While your primary focus needs to be on completing main missions, do not shy away from completing encounters and optional missions which also grant pretty decent amount of XP.

A small tip that you need to bear in mind is that you can view XP reward before actually starting an optional mission.

Therefore, you need to read all situation boards, speak with NPCs, and complete optional missions which grant decent amount of XP, but never neglect main missions.

Acquire Experienced Agent
There is a perk in the game which grants players with bonus amount of XP for almost everything players do in the game.

In order to acquire the perk, you need to upgrade the Security Wing and build the Situation Room which will cost 500 points. Once done, simply acquire the Experienced Agent which will net you 10% additional XP for almost all activities.

Play with other Players
While you can always complete a mission solo and accumulate all the XP for yourself, solo-ing main missions on hard can sometimes become tiresome.

However, thanks to the seamless matchmaking offered by the Division, it is no problem to invite other players over or join their game and complete missions together. Not only playing with other players is fun, but you will have more chances of multiple runs in as little time as possible.

Helping Random NPCs
Throughout your adventures, you will come across random NPCs in need for help. These NPCs usually ask for water, soda, or any other thing. While these things can come in handy during combat; helping out these NPCs will grant you with huge amounts of XP.

Find ECHO Sequences
As seen in The Division beta, there are multiple ECHO sequences scattered around the world – some of which are available during main missions and optional missions.

The ECHO sequences can be triggered to learn more about a particular situation and to earn some decent XP. However, do note that an ECHO sequence can only be triggered once. You essentially need to head out in order to explore the world, activate ECHO sequences, and accumulate insane amount of XP in the shortest possible time.

This is all about our strategy for reaching Level 30 in the Division. Make sure to share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments section below!

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