The Division Character Builds Guide – Best Builds For DPS, Support, Tank, Healer

The Division character builds guide with best builds for DPS, Healer, Support and Tank roles. Want to be Marksman or Demolition Expert? We have builds!

There are no traditional pre-made classes available in the game and by doing away with pre-made classes, the Division allows players to freely come up with The Division Character Builds that compliment their game-style.

However, due to the sheer volume of weapons and skills, it can become a tad daunting for some; especially those who do not have much of an experience with MMORPGs. This is where The Division character builds guide comes in!

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The Division Character Builds

The Division Character Builds guide basically details and outlines some of the basic character builds which are somewhat crucial when it comes to the overall survivability of a squad. The builds that this guide works on includes sniper, healer, tank, demo, and more.

However, also note that the none of the builds can be considered as absolute final. You can always alter them with something which you think would work better and see how it goes for you:

The Division Character Builds: The Healer
A healer is an integral part of a squad in the Division. Unlike in other MMORPGs, a healer cannot only provide sustainability, but also dish out decent amount of damage.

When going with a healer, the weapon of choice should be an AR or LMG coupled with a shotgun as backup. This will allow you to stay at medium range, continue to heal teammates, and use shotgun to knock-back enemies if they head in too close.

Coming to skills, you need to go with Support Station, Recovery Link, First Aid or Pulse. These will not only allow you heal teammates, but also buff healing.

However, one thing that you need to bear in mind is to only acquire Pulse if no one else in the squad is using it. It is a good idea to go with it since it will allow the squad to see enemies ahead and formulate your strategies.

Lastly, your primary attribute needs to be Electronics and Talents include Combat Medic, Battle Buddy, Evasion Action, and Triage.

The Division Character Builds: The Tank
Tank is another role which is crucial to a squad. As in other games, a tank needs to absorb most of the damage from enemies. Do not be disappointed if you are unable to dish out insane amount of damage – you are not building for damage.

If you plan to play on close-range, you need to stick with SMGs, but if you are looking to engage targets on long-range, LMGs are probably the best option. It will allow you to pin enemies down in distance and do not let them get near your squad.

In addition to these weapons, the Ballistic Shield can also provide sustainability to your squad by absorbing most of the damage.

Coming to skills, you need to go with Survivor Link, First Aid, Mobile Cover or Ballistic Shield. There is a choice between the Ballistic Shield and Mobile Cover, however, I recommend using the Ballistic Shield.

Aside from this, you need to go with First Aid to keep some health as back-up. Survivor Link is another useful skill which you can use to drop back and get some breathing room.

Finally, coming to primary attributes, these include stamina and electronics and Talents include Adrenaline, Desperate Times, Repo Killer, On the Move, and Strike Back.

The Division Character Builds: The Demolition Expert
As the name suggests, the entire build revolves around using explosives in order to deal maximum damage possible. However, one thing that you need to understand is to closely stick to your squad and do not run solo.

For the weapon, you need to choose an AR which works wonder at medium-to-long range. In addition to this, you obviously need to use explosives to move about the area and continue to dish out damage.

Coming to skills, you need to go with Sticky Bomb, Seeker Mine, Tactical Link, Sticky Bomb, and Seeker Mine. However, bear in mind that these skills can be modded in order to deal more than one type of damage which can come in handy!

Aside from this, the reason for selecting the Tactical Link is due to the fact that it greatly enhances the entire squad’s damage as well as critical hit chances.

Finally, your primary attributes include electronics and firearms and Talents include Fear Tactics, Death by Proxy, Shrapnel, Demolition Expert, and Chain Reaction.

The Division Character Builds: The Marksman
The marksmen in the Division are a tad different than traditional marksmen in other games in the sense that they do not hide in their sniper nest at all times. But a marksman’s task remains the same – taking out enemies out of everyone else’s range.

It goes without saying that you need a marksman rifle as your choice of weapon for the build. These weapons have additional headshot damage, decent overall damage, and insane accuracy.

However, since things can get real messy real fast, it is not an actually a bad idea to have a SMG or a shotgun as a secondary weapon for close range combat.

Coming to skills, you need to go with Pulse, Smart Cover, and Tactical Link. As mentioned earlier, Tactical Link will allow your entire squad to dish out more damage and Smart Cover will allow you to stay in one position for a long time.

Lastly, your primary attribute is firearms and some of the Talents that you can go with include Steady Hands, One is None, Tactical Advance, Stopping Power, and Precision.

The Division Character Builds: The Support
This build basically includes abilities and skills which most of the builds do not consider, but are somewhat vital for the squad’s survivability. Furthermore, the build seems to work pretty well in both PVP and PVE scenarios.

Coming to weapons, you cannot go wrong with an AR or an LMG. Both these weapon types can be used at different ranges, have decent ammo capacity, and decent overall damage output.

While playing with a Light Machine Gun, always remember to pin enemies down to allow your squad to proceed further into enemy base and get the job done. The primary attributes include firearms and electronics.

When it comes to skills, you need to go with Pulse, Turret, and Survivor Link. Turret can easily be regarded as an extra pair of hands which will not only dish out damage to enemies, but will also draw their attention and take the heat off your squad.

The Survivor Link will help you get out of tough situations and the Pulse will help you locate enemies for you and your entire squad.

Lastly, coming to Talents, it is a good idea to run with Shock and Awe, Tech Support, Tactical Advance, and Police Up.

This is all we have on The Division character builds. If there is something else you would like to know, make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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