The Division Endgame Could Feature Raids, Multi-Group Content

It looks like The Division endgame content could involve Destiny-like raids and multi-group content, some evidence found in the beta.

The extended closed beta of The Division has ended and left one major question unanswered in the minds of almost everyone and that is what will be the endgame. Although Julian Gerighty, the game’s creative director tried to shed some light on it recently, he did not go into much detail.

Since the officials are rather silent, one YouTuber named Arekkz decided to look into it and came up with some speculations. It looks like we could get events requiring multi-group coordination in the form of the endgame content.

This rumor is backed by some bits and pieces of information that has come from the developers as well as some data that the aforementioned person was able to squeeze out of the beta.

So the first thing is that the PC version of the game allows users to rearrange the user interface of the game and while trying to do that it has been figured out that the game lets you add an additional 4-man team in the Group Panel.

This is in line with a comment from two years ago attributed to Game Director Ryan Barnard who referred to The Division endgame content way back in 2013 saying:

For retention and the end game, ‘Group-Plus’ content will be really important; I can tell you that there will be multi-group content. I can’t get into it too much, but I can say there will be at least eight-player content.

Also, Arekkz says that while the game’s beta was ongoing, a developer answered a question on the topic and said something about the involvement of a “high-level raid” that could form the endgame. This is oh so Destiny-like, isn’t it? Anyhow, here’s the video in question, check it out and tell us what you think.

Do keep in mind that none of these details should be relied on unless Ubisoft confirms or we get some more irrefutable evidence. Talking of, there are rumors that an open beta phase for the game will be launched on February 16, let’s hope we will be able to get some more details out on this then.

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