The Division Endgame, Replaying Just to Upgrade and More Discussed

Since we are down to the last six weeks before the release of Tom Clancy’s The Division, it makes sense that the developers are now letting us know about intricate in-game elements like how the Skill Tree works, how the endgame plays out or what exactly is going to make us replay the game.

In a very recent video interview, Julian Gerighty, the game’s creative director at Ubisoft Massive tackled some of these questions.

We have added the interview below so that you can watch it yourself; but from where we are, it looks like Ubisoft is relying heavily on the need to fully upgrade our Base Of Operations and our character when it comes to making us replay the game.

While Gerighty did not say it explicitly (and although there is the lure of better upgrades), his answers suggest that we might be looking at a Destiny like situation where the community gets hungry for more content since they have played the available ones so many times.

It looks like in The Division, our good old Dark Zone is going to be a major feature that will keep us going apart from waiting for the DLC – some of which has been confirmed to be free.

That said, we have had rumors of a beta kicking off on January 29 too, we’ll know more about the game then.

Ubisoft has announced that Tom Clancy’s The Division is going to unleash the civil unrest on March 8, 2016 collectively for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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