The Division Open Beta Starting on Feb. 16, Lasts Five Days

Well, The Division open beta is scheduled to launch on Xbox One on February 16 according to the official Facebook page of Xbox Italy!

The Division beta has been extended today, and if you think you should have been entered into the testing phase but you couldn’t, you might be getting the chance to shoot as many people as you want in the game’s open beta sooner than you think!

According to the official Facebook page of Xbox Italy, Ubisoft is going to launch the open beta testing phase of the game as early as February 16! Yes, in a fortnight from now.

The page has uploaded an image detailing a number of release dates, EA Access dates and The Division open beta. Their post reveals that Xbox One users will get the beta on February 16, which should mean that the rest of the platforms will get it on February 17 i.e. one day later just like it was the case with the closed beta.

It has also been revealed that the open beta testing phase will last for five days on the Xbox One and conclude on February 21.

Of course Ubisoft is yet to officially announce the open beta, and even though this comes from the official Facebook of Xbox Italy they are only the second best source of news on the game.

In light of this, we can assume that this should not be regarded as the final and official word, Ubisoft might decide they want to take a little longer before the game goes public and change the date.

However, if they don’t decide to do so, February 16 is the date you should mark your calendars for!

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