The Division Dark Zone Tips: Dark Zone Levels, DZ Vendors, Loot, Ranks, Chests, Keys

The Division Dark Zone tips and strategy guide to get to help you with Levels, Vendors, Loot, Ranks, Chests, Keys, Going Rogue and Extraction.

The Division Dark Zone guide to help you navigate the large PVP area, secure your hard-earned loot, come out alive from the hostile environment.

The Dark Zone in the Division is a large area in the middle of Manhattan. It is being said that it was in the Dark Zone where the military and scientist looked for a cure while treating the sick.

However, as things turned bad, the military and scientist had to leave the area and left all of their best gear in there.

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The Division Dark Zone Tips

As agents, players can explore the Dark Zone and extract the state of the art equipment from there. However, this is not a walk in the park and there are multiple things which need to be taken into consideration when exploring The Division Dark Zone.

This guide details everything you need to know about The Division Dark Zone:

The Division Dark Zone Basics

The Division Dark Zone Segmentation
The Division Dark Zone is segmented into different areas which each area containing enemies of varying levels. Players will be able to see these different sections, but the matchmaking system will place them against players of same level:

  • DZ-01 — Level 10 – Level 12
  • DZ-02 — Level 13 – Level 15
  • DZ-03 — Level 16 – Level 18
  • DZ-04 — Level 22 – Level 24
  • DZ-05 — Level 27 – Level 29
  • DZ-06 — Level 29 – Level 30

One thing to note here is that at Level 30, the segmentation ends and the entire area becomes repopulated with new enemies and challenges; allowing players to explore the entire area once again.

The Division Dark Zone Structures
While inside the Dark Zone, you will come across various structures and points; some of which are mentioned below:

  • Checkpoints – Scattered around the Dark Zone; allow to leave the Dark Zone on foot
  • Save Room – Available to players and group members, allow to hide from Rogues
  • Extraction Zone – Scattered around the Dark Zone, allow loot to be extracted
  • Landmarks – Contain high level enemies inside the Dark Zone

How to Enter and DZ Vendors
To enter the Dark Zone, you either need to head inside from one of the Dark Zone Checkpoints or climb up the wall surrounding the Dark Zone. However, one thing that you need to understand here is that you cannot exit the Dark Zone using the wall.

In addition to this, while leaving the Dark Zone, you need to extract the loot via chopper otherwise it will be destroyed at the Dark Zone checkpoint.

Each Dark Zone checkpoint in the game contains a Dark Zone Vendor that sells high quality gear and weapons. These Weapons do not require to be extracted and belong to you.

However, one thing that you need to understand here is that the Dark Zone gear and weapons can only be bought using Dark Zone Credits which can only be earned inside the Dark Zone.

Dying and Respawning
Agents inside the Dark Zone do not die immediately, but enter a bleed-out state. In this state, they are free to walk and can be revived by a teammate.

However, if they are unable to get revived, they lose all of the contaminated loot (which has not been extracted) as well as some of the Dark Zone Credits and Dark Zone Rank.

As for respawning, players spawn at the nearest checkpoint from where they are able to leave the Dark Zone. Lastly, players can also re-acquire their lost loot from the place of their death if it has not been picked up by some other agent.

Do note that you cannot instantly equip DZ loot and it must be de-contaminated before it is usable. In order to de-contaminate a weapon or a piece of gear, you need to extract it using one of the several extraction points scattered around the Dark Zone.

Once an Extraction Chopper has been called, it will take a total of 90 seconds to arrive at the location after which it will drop a rope and you will be able to attach all of your contaminated loot on it!

Once done, the loot will become yours! As mentioned earlier, you can also extract your contaminated loot on someone else’s Extraction Chopper. While waiting for an Extraction Chopper, you need to hide behind cover and do not expose yourself out in the open.

Remember that as soon as an Extraction Chopper is called in, the entire server is notified of its presence and the extraction zone become extremely heated in a matter of seconds. Therefore, do not hesitate to leave the area if you are unable to get your loot extracted and try again with a couple of other players.

Going Rogue
Going rogue in The Division Dark Zone means that you recently killed another human player and are now marked on every player’s mini-map (the ones in your close vicinity). Once you go rogue, a big skull is placed over your head along with a bounty.

There are incentive for normal agents to hunt you down in the form of your dropped DZ gear, DZ Keys, and other goodies. However, there are incentives of going rogue and making it out of the Dark Zone alive.

Unless you stop attacking other human players, the rogue status is nullified after duration – this duration is reset if you attack another human player. One more thing that you need to understand about rogue is that it has a total of five levels which are increased by continuing to kill other human players.

Level 5 rogue is called as Manhunt which has a 5 minutes long cooldown time – after which you return to normal state and get to keep all your DZ Credits, DZ XP, and more. However, during Manhunt, every player in the server is made aware of your location and are awarded with an insanely high bounty reward.

Dark Zone Loot
When you are inside the Dark Zone, you need to look for a yellow bag behind an agent and only kill those agents since the yellow bag represent Dark Zone loot and other goodies – unless you have a thing for going rogue over nothing!

At the start of the game, you will only be able to carry a total of six Dark Zone items in the yellow bag, but as you progress through the game and expand your Base of Operations, you will be able to carry a total of nine items in the bag. Do note that you can continue to acquire items and extracting them for as long as you can.

When it comes to loot in The Division Dark Zone, the loot from dead agents is public and anyone who arrives first in the area can nag it before any other agents arrive at the scene.

You not only have the option of getting all the loot or observe and see what you really need! In addition to Public Loot, there is some Private Loot as well which can only be acquired by you by revisiting the place of your death.

Dark Zone Rank, Chests, and Keys
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General Tips and Guidelines

Here are some of the tips and guidelines – from the beta experiences – that will surely help you out in the final build of the game:

  • Remember to use Scrambler to avoid the Pulse Scans
  • Downed enemies can be eliminated using a single melee attack
  • You can extract contaminated loot on another players extraction chopper
  • Always hide in cover after calling in an extraction chopper and leave the area if need be
  • EMP grenades can easily cancel any skill within their active radius
  • Energy Bars remove all status ailments and protects players from further status ailments for 5 seconds

Lastly, do not forget to share your own The Division Dark Zone tips and strategies with us in the comments section below!

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