The Division Level Up Fast, Character Progression, Leveling Guide – How To

The Division Level Up Fast and Character Progression guide will help you with leveling your character and building it optimally in The Division.

The Division Level up fast, character progression and leveling guide will help you rank up fast in Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Before we discuss The Division level up fast and character progression, you need to understand Character Level, Dark Zone Rank, and Base of Operations upgrades that make The Division Leveling System.

All of these three things differ and it is a good idea to have knowledge about all of these. For more help on The Division, read our Dark Zone Credits Farming, The Division Money Making Tips and The Division Dark Zone Guide.

The Division Level Up Fast, Character Progression

This guide details everything that you need to know about The Division Leveling, Character Progressions, and how to rank up fast in the game:

Differences between Character Level and Dark Zone Rank

When it comes to The Division Leveling, the game measures it in two different ways – The Division Dark Zone leveling and normal leveling.

Firstly, the normal leveling is done by completing mission, optional missions, and earning XP. This is essentially the essence of PVE environment of The Division and is different from The Division Dark Zone Leveling.

When it comes to The Division Dark Zone Leveling, on the other hand, it is exclusively earned while an agent is inside the Dark Zone. Similar to normal rank, Dark Zone is acquired by eliminating NPCs and other players.

However, one thing that you need to understand is that unlike normal rank, you can lose Dark Zone rank if you die inside the Dark Zone.

While the Character Level dictates what gear and weapons a player can equip, the Dark Zone level dictates what items a player can buy from DZ vendors scattered around DZ and at entrances.

There is Base of Operations which essentially controls what Talents, Perks, and Skills a player can use in the game and is important as well!

The Division Character Level
As mentioned earlier, The Division Character Level basically dictates what gear, mods, and weapons a player can equip. In The Division, a player can only acquire a piece of gear of weapon which is of similar or lower than his/her CL.

In addition to this, areas in the game world are also divided on the basis of enemy level. Ideally, you need to explore high level areas if you wish to acquire a higher Character Level as soon as possible.

The Division Dark Zone Rank
Aside from The Division Character, there is The Division Dark Zone Rank. The DZ Rank is basically acquired by eliminating other players and NPCs inside the Dark Zone.

With a higher rank, a player will be able to purchase high level DZ gear from DZ vendors scattered across the DZ and at the entrances.

Moreover, a specific Dark Zone Rank is also required in order to open Dark Zone chests scattered around the DZ. These chests not only contain high level gear, but also DZ Credits.

However, unlike Character Level, Dark Zone Rank can also decrease if you die inside the Dark Zone. But one thing that you need to note here is that you will still be able to use high level Dark Zone weapon or piece of gear even if you have dropped DZ Rank.

The Division Level Up Fast Tips

Replaying Missions
Since there is no limit to how many times a mission can be played, leveling system can be exploited with this The Division Level Up Fast tip. You should always try and complete missions with your high level friends or help newbies.

The reason for this is that enemy NPCs are scaled to match the size of the group. With high level friends, you will not only face high level enemies, but will also earn more XP per kill. This thing can be taken further by playing the missions on hard difficulty.

Helping Random NPCs
Throughout your adventures, you will come across random NPCs in need for help. These NPCs usually ask for water, soda, or any other thing. While these things can come in handy during combat; helping out these NPCs will grant you with huge amounts of XP.

Completing Main Missions
Instead of just beating around the bush, completing optional missions, and helping out random NPCs; you should also try and complete the main mission as much as possible – on high difficulty setting.

This sounds like a no-brainer, but the main missions in the Division offer large amounts of XP as well as Credits. Therefore, you need to make sure to try out a combination of Main Missions, optional missions, and other things to level up fast.

One thing that you need to note here is that you will not accumulate XP for completing a certain mission multiple times, but you will surely acquire XP for eliminating enemies which is why hard difficulty setting is recommended!

Locating ECHO Sequences
As seen in The Division beta, there are multiple ECHO sequences scattered around the world – some of which are available during main missions and optional missions.

The ECHO sequences can be triggered to learn more about a particular situation and to earn some decent XP. However, do note that an ECHO sequence can only be triggered once. You essentially need to head out in order to explore the world, activate ECHO sequences, and accumulate insane amount of XP in the shortest possible time.

Base of Operations
You should also consider upgrading your Base of Operations as soon as possible! You essentially need to complete optional missions and upgrade the Security Wing which will grant you access to certain Perks which will grant you insane XP boost.

Aside from this, there are certain pieces of gear and Talents which can provide you with bonus XP per kill. Don’t forget to share your own tips and strategies to level up fast in Division’s somewhat controversial leveling system.

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