The Division 2 Eagle Bearer Assault Rifle Unlock Guide – Exotic Talents, Mods

The Division 2 Eagle Bearer Assault Rifle Guide to help you unlock the newest Exotic Weapon in the game with details of its Exotic Talents and Mods.

The Division 2 lets its player enjoy a variety of weaponry. Along with standard weapons, this title offers some Exotic Weapons as well. These exotics are mostly unlocked by completing operations and objectives which are not easy. In this The Division 2 Eagle Bearer Assault Rifle Guide, you will learn about this exotic AR and unlocking it.

The Division 2 Eagle Bearer Assault Rifle

Eagle Bearer is an Assault Rifle yet having the characteristic of an LMG. Unlike other ARs, it has a magazine capacity of 60 along with a great rate of fire because of which it can open barrage of fire onto the enemy.

The perks of this gun provide defensive as well as offensive capabilities. For example, while using this weapon, if you have Tenacity, your health would not decrease while you are receiving damage from the enemy. However, this will only happen while the perk is active.

Eagle’s Strike help increase the handling as well as the accuracy of the weapon. Moreover, if used correctly, the damage could be increased significantly. When the AR is not equipped, through Protected Fire, you’ll receive up to 10% extra armor.

How to Unlock

In order to acquire, you will need to run the recently launched 8-man raid titled Operation Dark Hours. In Operation Dark Hours, you will have to engage 4 bosses. The weapon can either drop from one of these bosses or from a chest at the end of the raid.

Eagle Bearer Mods

  1. Muzzle: Critical Damage increases by 15%.
  2. Extended Magazine: Capacity increases by +30.
  3. Sights/Optics: Critical Chance increases by 10%.
  4. Under Barrel Attachment: Stability increase by 10%.

This is everything you need to know about unlocking Eagle Bearer in The Division 2. If there is anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know!

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