The Division 2 Conflict PVP Guide – How to Win Domination and Skirmish

In our The Division 2 Conflict PVP Mode Guide, we’ve detailed everything about starting and winning the Conflict PVP Multiplayer.

In this Division 2 Guide, we will be talking about PVP Conflict game mode. Our guide will detail everything about how to access Conflict PVP and a few helpful tips about surviving longer.

The Division 2 Conflict PVP

Conflict is a Deathmatch-type game mode with two teams of 4 that go against each other.

The stats for all players are also “Normalized” so no need to worry about who brings *what Gear* in. Conflict has two game modes i.e. Domination and Skirmish.

Domination is sort of like King of the Hill. It involves three areas on the map being fought over for control by both teams. Maintaining control racks up points for the owning team. The first team to score 750 points wins.

Skirmish is a mix of deathmatch and eliminations where players have limited lives. The game can be finished either by depleting the enemy team of all their lives or by having the most lives at the end of the match.

How to Start Conflict
You can access Conflict PVP Mode in two ways.

First is by navigating the Main Menu to find a “Skull” icon that signifies the PVP game mode.

Apart from it, there is an NPC in the Base of Operations located in the southeast corner of the Whitehouse’s lawn. Talking to them takes you to the same screen that you would reach upon using the menu navigation.

Conflict Game Mode Tips

Although it is not much to go on, here are a few basic startup tips I can give you guys before you go into the Conflict game mode:

Try to stack with your friends. If not necessarily friends, maybe find a “Discord” group or any kind of place you can communicate. In-game chat is not that reliable since you do not know going into a game who is ready to talk and who is not.

Adjust yourself to the minor ping delays that you will have in PVP. Obviously, the hit registration is much more accurate on AI but the shots on other players will be accompanied with some lag of course.

Practice multiplayer techniques like AD strafing, shoulder switching, and cover traversing. Players are smarter and more accurate than the AI enemies are – in most cases at least.

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