The Division 2 Dark Zone Strategy Guide – Perks, Dark Zone Vendor, Thieves’ Den, Tips

Learn all about The Division 2 Dark Zone Strategy Guide with tips about Dark Zone Perks, Dark Zone Vendor, going Rogue, and Manhunt Status.

The Division 2 Dark Zone Guide will help you with unlocking the Dark Zone and will guide with all the tips and strategies you need to survive the harsh environment for high-tier loot.

The Division 2 Dark Zone Strategy

Dark Zone is making a return in the Division 2. However, this time around, Ubisoft has changed how things work in the Dark Zone. Being a “Rogue Agent” is no longer meaningless, DZ has perks of its own, and more.

In our TD2 Dark Zone Strategy Guide, we will help you with all of the tips and strategies that you need while marked as Rogue, finding high-end loot, extraction tips, and more.

How to Unlock the Dark Zone

You need a clear a series of small tasks to unlock all three Dark Zones. Check out our Dark Zone Unlock Guide to see how to unlock and enter the DZ.

Loot Extraction

Being a game focusing on loot, The Division 2 drops a ton of it. In the Light Zone, if players receive some loot, they can equip it right away. However, loot found in the Dark Zone works differently aside from being better than the loot found in the Light Zone.

Just like The Division, players need to call in extraction in the Division 2 Dark Zone. Without extracting your Dark Zone loot, you cannot use it. If you try to leave the Dark Zone without extracting the loot, the Dark Zone items in your backpack will simply be destroyed and you will receive nothing.

Rogue Agents

The ability to go “Rogue” in the Dark Zones has returned in Division 2. For those who do not know, going Rogue means you start other Division agents in the Dark Zone for their loot.

However, there are a few changes this time around! In the first game, players could just shoot other Division Agents to go Rogue, but in the Division 2, players have the conscious decision of becoming a “Rogue Agent” from the Menu.

What it means is that the other players getting in your line of fire and you becoming a Rogue agent by accident is not an option anymore. However, if you hijack players’ extractions, hack terminals, and open some specific crates; you will be marked, Rogue.

Manhunt System has also made a return in the Division 2 Dark Zone. This system highlights particularly aggressive “Rogue” agents on the map for the rest of the Division Agents to find.

In simple words, you need to be absolutely sure about becoming a Rogue Agent. While it has its downsides, being hunted being one of them, but it also has its rewards. Moreover, there are three tiers for the Rogue status.

  • Rogue Status
  • Disavowed Status
  • Manhunt Status

Understanding Gear Normalization

Gear Normalization is a system that ensures all Division Agents are on equal footing when they enter the Dark Zone. Meaning if a new player enters the Dark Zone, he has the same chance as the player playing for hours and hours.

Simply put, Gear Normalization gives every weapon a specific set of stats that activate once you enter the Dark Zone. It does not matter how high-level loot you have, once you enter the Dark Zone, Gear Normalization will take effect and everyone will have an equal chance.

If you want to see how well your loot stacks up with Gear Normalization, you can check it from your inventory.

Leveling Up in the Dark Zone

Like the first game, The Division 2 Dark Zone Level is completely separate from the Light Zone. It means to level up in the Dark Zone, you have to play in the Dark Zone. Outside of the Dark Zone, your DZ Level will not increase.

While DZ Level was almost meaningless the first time, but in the Division 2, you increasing your DZ level has benefits of its own.

Dark Zone has its own perks and for every five levels, a new tier of Dark Zone perks will unlock. These perks grant your significant advantages in the Dark Zone.

However, only one perk from each tier can be enabled at a time. As the tier increases, so the advantages and benefits they offer will improve too. The following are the perks and their tiers.

Tier 1
Bag Space
Grants 1 additional slot for contaminated item inventory.

Tier 2
25% Increased DZ Experience for eliminating enemy players.

Sight Seeing
25% Increased DZ XP for clearing landmarks.

Breakin’ the Law
25% Increased DZ XP for surviving a Rogue timer.

Tier 3
Daily Winner
Daily rewards from the DZ safehouse.

Tier 4
Sleight of Hand
10% reduced completion time for Rogue actions.

Rogue cooldown is decreased by 10%.

Tier 5
50% chance of securing 1 contaminated item upon death.

Tier 6
25% chance of acquiring DZ keys from loot crates within Dark Zone.

25% chance to acquire grenades from loot crates within Dark Zone.

25% chance of getting armor kits from loot crates.

Tier 7
Nameplate visibility is reduced while Rogue.

X-Ray Eyes
Rogue Agent detection range is increased.

Tier 8
More Loot
Completing clearing landmarks and DZ alerts grant additional rewards.

Tier 9
Double Daily Winner
Dark Zone Safe House grant additional Daily Rewards.

No Honor
Daily rewards can be acquired from the Thieves’ Den.

Tier 10
Keep it Clean
Contaminated item drop rate is increased by 10%.

Tier 11
Get to the Chopper
25% faster extraction arrival time.

Can’t Catch Me
Manhunt Bounty clearing in 25% faster.

On Your Feet Soldier
25% faster revive if you are not Rogue.

Dark Deeds
Thieves’ Den Triangulation is 25% faster.

What’s Thieves’ Den

Thieves’ Den is a new system introduced for Rogue Agents in The Division 2 Dark Zone. This gives players something to work towards instead of committing senseless violence.

Thieves’ Den is exclusive to Rogue agents that provide them sanctuary to wait out the Rogue timer or just camp.

However, these do not just pop-up for Rogue Agents. Players first need to complete specific tasks or a series of challenges to locate Thieves’ Den.

Once you complete the challenges, the location for Thieves’ Den will unlock. Players will find an exclusive merchant who sells high-end loot. Moreover, Thieves’ Den removes the Rogue status.

When and Why Should You Go Rogue?

Being a Rogue Agent is a risky business as all of the Division players will shoot you on sight. Therefore, you need to be prepared before you go Rogue and here are the best situations in which you can become a Rogue Agent.

Do not just go Rogue senselessly; instead, use it to your advantage. You can go Rouge while a squad is extracting loot. Kill the Division agents and just steal their extraction items.

You can also go Rogue for the Thieves’ Den as it will instantly remove the Rogue status and will grant you access to an exclusive vendor.

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