The Cycle: Frontier Time to Punch In Quest Guide

A lot of quests in The Cycle: Frontier requires you to get multiple items for the quest giver for a variety of reasons. On top of the money these quests offer, a big reason to do them is the faction reputation you gain. This guide will help you complete the Time to Punch In quest in The Cycle: Frontier to support the Korolev faction.

The Cycle: Frontier Time to Punch In Quest

Just like a lot of other fetch quests, Time to Punch In is a multiple-part quest. You get this quest from the Head of Operations for Korolev, Vadim Tanayev on Fortuna.

The quest is a 5-part fetch quest where you need to get various items for the Head of Operations.

Time to Punch In Part 1

As you start the quest, Korolev Industry welcomes you as a prospector, and your first task as the new prospector is to go and get Nickel for Korolev Heavy Industries.

Nickel is one of the easiest resources to find in the world of The Cycle: Frontier. You need to bring 1x Nickel to Korolev Heavy Industries to complete the first step of the quest.

For the first step, you will get 50 FP, 1x Korolev Script and 4800 Krypto Marks.

Time to Punch In Part 2

The next step requires you to show your hunting capabilities to Korolev Industries. Vadim Tanayev asks you to hunt down Striders.

You need to kill 3x Striders for this mission. These are simple mobs with almost no armor and are an easy target. Since they are almost always found in packs, this makes it much easier for you to find 3x Striders. You can find striders around any of the locations in the game.

Killing 3x Striders for Korolev Heavy Industries will complete the second step for you. You will be rewarded 50 FP, 1x Korolev Script and 4000 Krypto Marks.

Time to Punch In Part 3

Now that you have proven yourself, time to start doing some real work. The third step of Time to Punch In quest in The Cycle: Frontier requires you to get some machinery components for Korolev Heavy Industries.

For this third step, you need to find 5x Compound Sheets and 1x Hydraulic Piston. These components can be found in Industrial Crates and Civilian lockers. You can also find them as static spawns across the map.

The items are not so difficult to come across, and you might already have a few of these beforehand. Once you get all these things, you can head back to Vadim Tanayev in Korolev Industries to hand over the parts and complete the step.

You will get 50 FP, 1x Tactical Shield, 2x Korolev Script and 5300 Krypto Marks.

Time to Punch In Part 4

Vadim Tanayev is planning to send a team to Bright Sands Water Facility to salvage some parts, but the area has become a nest for many creatures, and they might compromise the mission. So, you are told to head in first and clear out the area for the salvage team to move in.

The main objectives of this step are to hunt down 5 creatures in Bright Sands Water Facility.

The task is simple. You need to head to the Water Facility and kill 5 creatures here, no matter who they are. Once you kill 5 creatures, you are free to go. Get rid of the creatures and you will be done with this part of the quest Time to Punch In.

You get 50 FP, 2x Korolev Script and 4400 Krypto Marks.

Time to Punch In Part 5

The last part of the Quest. You are required to get circuit boards for Korolev Heavy Industries in this last part.

You need to collect 10x Flawed Veltecite and 3x Circuit Boards for Vadim Tanayev. Both of these require a lot of searching to do, and you will need a farm a lot before you can complete this step.

Veltecite can be found around Waterfalls. You can simply get a Mineral Scanner with a Veltecite Scanning Mod that you can get from the Korolev Faction. This will help you find Veltecite Veins around Waterfalls.

Next, you can find Circuit Boards by farming Briefcase Luggage all around the world. This is the easiest way to get Circuit Boards. You can also find Circuit Boards lying around the room where you can find computers and other advanced technologies. You can find Circuit Boards on racks and on the desks next to computers here in such tech rooms.

Once you are done, you need to get these to Korolev Industries to earn your reward of 50 FP, 2x Korolev Script and 5300 Krypto Marks.

After you have completed all the steps of the quest time to Punch In, you will get your final reward of KM-9 ‘Scrapper’.

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