The Cycle: Frontier Compound Sheets Location

Every time we loot from a zone, there is always that one item that we thought was unimportant, but we regret not picking more of it. In this guide, we will go over the importance of Compound Sheets and their locations in The Cycle: Frontier to help you farm more of this abundant resource.

These Compound Sheets are required for tasks such as Time to Punch In (Part-3) where you need five of them and a hydronic piston. The Water Filtration System requires eight of them and ten Polymetallic Prefabricates. Other tasks such as Your Civic Duty (Part-1) require one Compound Sheet.

The Cycle: Frontier Compound Sheets Location

Compound Sheets are a common resource that you will need for not only crafting but also some quests.

Below we will show you the locations of Compound Sheets in The Cycle: Frontier.

There isn’t a single best location for Compound Sheets in The Cycle. This is mainly due to the fact that Compound Sheets in The Cycle can spawn anywhere on the map. But after a lot of playing time, we shortlisted a few locations in The Cycle: Frontier where we found Compound Sheets.

These areas will usually have a lot of Civilian Lockers, Dumpsters and Industrial Crates. All of these containers are great spawn places for Compound Sheets.

Sometimes you will just find these compound sheets laying on the ground. So head over to these areas and start looting around to find a bunch of compound sheets.

If we had to pick one place to be the go-to spot to get Compound Sheets in The Cycle: Frontier it would be the Science Campus area on the Bright Sands map as we found a lot of these Compound Sheets in this area.

Bright Sands Compound Sheets Locations

While Compound Sheets can be found almost everywhere, the map below marks the places with the highest abundance of containers that you can loot to farm a lot of Compound Sheets on the Bright Sands map.

The best places to find Compound Sheets on Bright Sands would be Dig Site, Science Campus, Power Plant and Lagoon.

bright sands compound sheets

Crescent Falls Compound Sheets Locations

Below are all the locations with the highest concentration of Compound Sheet spawn locations if you are playing on the Crescent Falls map. The spawn rate within the containers remains the same

Crescent Falls Compound Sheets Locations

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