The Cycle: Frontier Circuit Board Locations

There is always going to be that one item that we thought was insignificant while looting but we end up regretting that we didn’t pick enough of it and that is exactly why this guide exists. This guide will highlight the importance of Circuit Boards in The Cycle: Frontier and will also mention every location where you can find Circuit Boards.

Along with tons and tons of items, Circuit Board is another one of the lootable items in The Cycle: Frontier. The Circuit Board can be repurposed to make new items more useful to help you in your endeavor. Every Circuit Board weighs 7 kilos, and every stack will hold 10 Circuit Boards.

The Cycle: Frontier Circuit Board Location

Circuit Boards are present all over the map and are mainly found in one of three different lootable containers, which are mentioned as follows.

  • Luggage
  • Briefcase
  • Hidden Stash

It can be found in other containers as well but the three mentioned above have the highest likelihood of dropping a circuit board among any other type of container. Luggage containers have a chance of dropping Circuit Boards from 6-9% while Briefcase has a 3.5-5% drop rate for Circuit Boards.

Although the drop rate from containers is the same for both Crescent Falls and The Bright Sands, the number of spawn locations for Crescent Falls is higher than for the Bright Sands map so that would be an ideal place to farm.

The spawn location for Circuit Boards on both maps is given below.

Crescent Falls Circuit Boards Locations

The Crescent Falls has more resource spawn locations as compared to The Bright Sands and on Crescent Falls, three areas in specific have the highest concentration of Luggage and Briefcase that have a possibility of holding a Circuit Board.

crescent falls circuit boards

The areas include Starport Admin, Greens Prospect, and Jungle Thermal Ponds.

Bright Sands Circuit Boards Locations

The Bright Sands map, although the spawn rate might be lower, still has tons of locations with ample Circuit Boards waiting for you to loot. There are three areas with a relatively higher concentration of Luggage and Briefcase than other areas.

bright sands circuit boards

The areas include Basecamp, Comms Tower, and Waterfall Labs.

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