The Cycle: Frontier Laser Show Quest Guide

“Laser Show” is a short but useful quest given by Osiris’ CEO Emmanuel Sullivan in The Cycle: Frontier. The questline has only two parts but rewards you with a rare Helmet to protect you from headshots.

Speak with Emmanuel Sullivan to being the quest. You will be tasked to help build a new laser to mine the Crystal Caverns instead of using explosives.

The Cycle Frontier Laser Show Quest

Laser Show Quest Part 1

Your main objective for this mission is to deliver 12x Fusion Cartridge-Batteries along with 15x Alloys and 10x Circuit Boards.

Fusion Cartridge-Batteries can be easily found in either Civilian Lockers or Bins. If you want to find them in Bright Sands, you need to search the Lagoons.

Alloys can also be found in either Dumpsters or Industrial Crates. Both these items normally spawn in industrial areas. Circuit Boards can also be found in either Briefcases or Luggage.


  • 600 FP
  • 19x Osiris Scrip
  • 11,000x Krypto Marks

Laser Show Quest Part 2

The main objective of this quest is to deliver 6x Optic Glass along with 10x Radio Equipment and 1x Gyroscope.

Optic Glass may be found in Cabinets. Radio Equipment can be found across the industrial areas on the map, within Cabinets and Bins. The same Cabinets will also have a chance to spawn a Gyroscope.


  • 750 FP
  • 26x Osiris SCRIP
  • 12,000x Krypto Marks

Laser Show Quest Rewards

The reward for completing this short questline will be a rare Helmet. This will increase your armor and durability amounts to 23 and 800 respectively.

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