The Cycle: Frontier Korolev Structures Locations Guide

In this guide, we will cover all of the Korolev structures locations in The Cycle: Frontier that belong to the organization.

Location categorization is a good way to make a map interesting and each category having a different story makes the player want to learn and explore more about that location. The Cycle: Frontier has done a good job of that. In this guide, we will cover all of the Korolev Structures locations in The Cycle: Frontier.

There are several named locations on each map in The Cycle: Frontier and they can be categorized based on some sort of association or some other reason. In this guide, we will be talking about all of the locations and structures that are connected to Korolev Industries.

The Cycle: Frontier Korolev Heavy Industries

Korolev Heavy Industries is a conglomerate that has its hands everywhere there are humans. In every department, in every field, and in every place imaginable, Korolev Industries are present either directly or indirectly.

Korolev Industries was not always this big but rather started as a small corporation and over the course of centuries it got bigger and bigger and at this point, it’s bigger than what we think of it. It has more money than anyone should have and also has clear ties with big-time political leaders.

Korolev Heavy Industries deal mostly with big structures, cheap buildings, machines that build those buildings, weapons, and armors that enhance normal human abilities.

Loot Found in Korolev Structures

You can find the following items while roaming around the Korolev Structures.

Most of the items are related to weapons or armors which is clear proof that Korolev Heavy Industries is heavily invested in the weapons business and due to that reason, most of the loot is also related to those products.

The Cycle: Frontier Korolev Structures

Following are the structures that are associated with Korolev Heavy Industries.

  • Dig Site
  • Power Plant
  • East Collection Point
  • Water Facility
  • Crashed Drill Site
  • Parking Lot
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