The Cycle: Frontier Shock Absorber Locations

Shock Absorber is an epic item that you will need to print/craft weapon attachments in The Cycle: Frontier.

If the name of the item was not already a giveaway, Shock Absorbers are tailored for heavy weapons. The item will allow you to print/craft attachments such as the MKM Ultralight and Ultralight Stocks.

If you find them in excess, a single Shock Absorber will net you 759 K-Marks from selling. The item will also net you 8 faction points to help level up your desired faction.

The Cycle: Frontier Shock Absorber Locations

Shock Absorbers can be a little difficult to find. They can only be found in Dumpsters across all Tier areas with roughly the same 4% spawn chance. They are also only available in low quantities.

Bright Sands Shock Absorber Locations

As already stated, Shock Absorbers are scattered across the map but in low quantities. You will have to do a lot of traveling to stack up a good haul.

Your best bet is to start with the Science Campus in the south. Make your way north to the Base Camp and then the North Uplink. The area between the North Uplink and the East Collection Point (with the Crashed Drill in the middle) will also net you Shock Absorbers.

Crescent Falls Shock Absorber Locations

The southern area outside of the Lakeside Building has a lot of Shock Absorbers to loot. Once you clean that area up, head north of Greens Prospect to the Camp Power Up Room.

Another lootable area is Favela in the far south of the map. The named POIs in the northern border have Shock Absorbers as well but in very little quantities.

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