The Cycle: Frontier Gyroscope Locations

Gyroscope is an epic item that serves as an important printing material for weapon components in The Cycle: Frontier.

You will first need to find Gyroscope to print the Exotic Helmet, the best helmet in the game. You will also need to find Gyroscope to print the Zeus Beam, a heavy weapon that can turn enemies into a cinder.

Understand that Gyroscope is an extremely precious item to loot. If you find any, hold on to them because outside of their printing value, they can be sold for 2,563 K-Marks.

Gyroscope is furthermore associated with the Osiris faction. You can easily earn 26 faction points for Osiris’ blessing.

The following guide will show you all of the Gyroscope locations in The Cycle: Frontier.

The Cycle: Frontier Gyroscope Locations

Gyroscope is a rare find to begin with. Your best chances of finding a Gyroscope is in Cabinets inside Tier 5 and Tier 4 areas. A Tier 5 Cabinet, for example, has a 7.20% chance of containing a Gyroscope.

They generally spawn in dangerous areas with high-level creatures. You will have to be extra careful when heading there to farm Gyroscopes.

Bright Sands Gyroscope Locations

Bright Sands is nearly devoid of any Gyroscopes. The Crashed Ship in the northeast corner of the map is the only location to find Gyroscopes. You can head north a bit from there for a few more loot spawns but not enough to call it a day.

Overall, Bright Sands is a terrible map to farm Gyroscopes. The map itself has less than a 0.5% spawn chance for the item.

Crescent Falls Gyroscope Locations

If you are looking to find Gyroscopes, you must make your way to Crescent Falls. There are several locations here that give a good haul.

The Pinnacle Labs in the northeast is a good starting point. From there, head west to Nutrion Farms Warehouse for another haul while picking up Gyroscopes from the path leading through Starport Landing Pad and the forest area beyond.

The areas surrounding Greens Prospect, Osiris Wildlife Preserve, and Lakeside Building have a good chance to spawn Gyroscopes as well but not as much as the locations mentioned before.

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