The Cycle: Frontier Blue Runner Egg Locations

Blue Runner Egg in Cycle Frontier is a very rare item to find since there are a limited number of spawns on each map. The very problem is, there is no certain location to find these like Waterweed Filament or other abundant items. However, there are some clues that can lead you to a Blue Runner egg. We are going to reveal some locations and a clue that can lead you Blue Runner Eggs in The Cycle: Frontier.

The Cycle: Frontier Blue Runner Egg Locations

Since there is no exact location of this egg, you will need to look for signs that may lead you to this egg. You will have to see for the bird’s footprints on the ground and follow them.

blue runner footprint

We are listing down some locations that might have these footprints on the ground which you can follow to get to your target. We have only located Blue Runner footprints on the Bright Sands map for now:

  • To the north of the Power Plant in Bright Sands
  • To the north of Rock Pools and to the south of Comms Tower
  • To the Southeast of the Base Camp
  • To the north of the North Uplink

The Cycle Frontier Blue Runner Egg Locations

Go to these locations, search for footprints, follow them, and get the Blue Runner Egg.

What is Blue Runner Egg Used for in The Cycle?

There are missions like ‘Osiris mission’ where you need Blue Runner Egg. Apart from missions, you can also sell them to factions or Osiris for a handsome amount of K-Marks and other stuff.

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